Top 5 Electric Scooters the Kids Absolutely Love

Every kid should have an electric scooter. Kids look so happy and excited riding on them. Scooters also come in handy for transiting to and from school as well as getting around the neighborhood; at least until they learn how to drive. Come to think of it, there is no reason why a kid shouldn’t have an electric scooter if they really want it.

Selecting the best kids motorized electric scooters on the market can be a tedious task. There are a lot of factors to consider when buying an electric scooter for a kid. An electric scooter for kids should have a sturdy construction that guarantees safety. We have saved you the trouble and reviewed the five best electric scooters for kids in 2019.

5 Best Electric Scooters for Kids

1. Most Popular: Razor E100 Electric Scooter

The Razor E100 electric scooter is the most popular among kids and parents. It is popular for its safety measures construction such as effective brakes, stylish design, and affordable costs.

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Key Features

✅ Safe Speed

This razor e100 will not turn your kid into a speed demon. The electric scooter for kids motor delivers maximum speeds of 10MPH. The motor is chain-driven but also ultra-quiet, which makes it convenient for riding in the house. It also brakes fast and in an instant to prevent accidental collisions.

✅ Long-Lasting Battery

The battery on this scooter runs for up to 40 minutes continuously on a single charge. It takes about 3 hours to charge to full capacity, but it should be charged for 12 hours on the first charging cycle.

✅ Hand-Accessible Controls

Your kids will learn how to use the best kids electric scooters in an instant thanks to its intuitive learning curve. It is hand-accelerated and all controls are available on the handle bars.

✅ Sturdy Construction with Thick Tires

The best electric scooter for 8 year old and above is made of sturdy material that will withstand all sorts of clumsy impacts. Additionally, the tires are 8 inches thick and perform excellently in all terrains.

✅ Vibrant Colors

This scooter comes in four stylish and vibrant colors that suit both boys and girls. It is ideal for kids aged 8-years-old and above.

Why People Love It

❤ It is safe

❤ It is affordable


👍 Powered by a long-lasting battery

👍 Safety is guaranteed

👍 Comes in stylish colors and designs

👍 Easy to use


👎 It could do with more safety features

2. Most Powerful: Uberscoot 1000w electric scooter

UberScoot is certainly not for 8-year-old kids, but it is perfect for kids aged 12 and above. It is faster than the average scooter for kids. It is also flashy and comfortable.

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Key Features

✅ Powerful Motor

Few kids’ scooters can boast of a 1000-watts motor, but UberScoot does. This motor is so powerful that it delivers top speeds of 26MPH – it is not exactly a race bike but it should satisfy your kid’s quest for thrill.

✅Three High-Power Engines

This electric scooter with seat for kids is powered by three 12-volt engines that are capable of running for up to 40 minutes on a single charge. It takes about 5 hours to charge the batteries to full capacity.

✅ Strong and Sturdy Frame

Besides older kids, this scooter is also designed for heavy kids who may have a hard time riding low-performance scooters. Its frame is made of strong material and the foot-board is wide and sturdy. It can withstand heavy weights and the occasional falls and collisions.

✅ Wide Tires

In addition to the sturdy frame, this electric scooter also features extra-wide, thick tires that can take on rough terrains and steep hills.

✅ Versatile and Stylish Design

Kids can ride while standing or seated thanks to this scooter’s versatile design; the seat is padded and adjustable for a smooth ride. The electric scooter with seat for kids also comes in a variety of vibrant colors and designs.

Why People Love It

❤ The scooter has a seat

❤ Its stylish appearance

❤ Its powerful battery and motor


👍 It can run for up to 40 minutes on a single charge

👍 It is ideal for heavy kids

👍 It has a strong and durable frame

👍 It has thick wheels that perform well in all terrains

👍 It comes fitted with a comfortable seat


👎 It is a bit too fast for young kids

3. Budget Pick: Pulse Performance Reverb Electric Scooter

Every feature of the Pulse Performance Reverb electric scooter is designed to make riding fun and easy for beginner riders. If it is the first time your kid is getting a scooter, look no further than Pulse Performance. Also, the Pulse electric scooter is cheap and affordable for most users.

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Key Features

✅ Easy and Quick to Learn

As mentioned, this kids electric scooter is designed for first-time riders. It features the Push-to-Go technology that gets the scooter going automatically without having to actually push it. The controls are also easy to access as they are all located on the scooter’s handle bars.

✅ Hand Brake System

You don’t have to worry about your kid colliding into a tree or another scooter as the Pulse Performance Reverb scooter has a hand-operated braking system. Also, the electric scooter for kids has thick tires that make it safer to ride on rough terrain.

✅ Powerful, Long-Lasting Battery

This cheap electric scooters for kids is powered by a 24-volts rechargeable battery. The battery runs for about 40 minutes continuously on a single charge and takes only about 4 hours to charge to full capacity.

✅ Safe Top Speeds

The 100-watts motor that drives this scooter is capable of top speeds of just 10MPH. This is a safe pace for first-time riders and young kids.

✅ Strong and Sturdy Construction

This scooter is made using strong metal allies and a steel frame. The wheels are also reinforced with urethane for durability and easy maintenance.

Why People Love It

❤ It comes in stylish and vibrant colors

❤ It is safe for small kids and first-timers


👍 Controls are easy to access

👍 The frame is built using steel for durability

👍 Features Push-to-Go technology

👍 It is safe in all aspects


👎 It is a low-performance scooter suitable for riding in the house and suburb streets

4. Best for Teenagers: Razor E300 Electric Scooter

The Razor E300 is several steps ahead of the E100 version. It is more powerful, more versatile, and packs more speed. To this end, it is not recommended for kids but rather young teenagers who can handle the higher torque and speed.

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Key Features

✅ Super-Size Deck

The deck on this e300 razor electric scooter is wider to afford users greater stability. In fact, it is wide enough to comfortably accommodate young adults.

✅ 15MPH Top Speeds

The high-torque, chain-driven motor on this electric scooter delivers top speeds of up to 15 miles per hour. This is faster than most electric scooters for kids; this is why this model is recommended for kids aged 12-years-old and above.

✅ Long-Lasting Battery

This razor e300 electric scooter is powered by a powerful lithium-ion battery that can run continuously or 40 minutes on a single charge.

✅ Strong Frame and Thick Wheels

The wheels on this razor e300 review are wide and thick enough to take on any terrain. The scooter’s frame is built using stainless steel or maximum durability.

✅ Quick Control Features

This scooter is incredibly easy to learn and use. All the controls are located on the handle bars for ease of accessibility.

Why People Love It

❤ It is versatile

❤ It is fast

❤ It is affordable


👍 It packs a powerful motor and battery

👍 It can run for up to 40 minutes on a single charge

👍 Safety measures are implemented

👍 It is fun and thrilling to ride


👎 The high speed makes it unsuitable for young and inexperienced kids

5. Best for Speed: Super Turbo 1000W Elite Electric Scooter

The Super Turbo Elite electric scooter is for those kids who cannot get enough of speed. That said, it is mostly ideal for older kids and teenagers who are capable of handling its fast speed and powerful torque.

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Key Features

✅ Impressive Top Speeds

Speeds of 10MPH are okay for 8-year-old kids, but they just don’t cut it for older kids and teenagers. This scooters runs on a 1000-watts motor that reaches top speeds of up to 26MPH, which is excellent for commuting to and from school.

✅ High-Capacity Battery

This scooter is powered by a 12-volt lithium-ion rechargeable battery. The battery runs for up to 40 minutes on a single charge and takes only about 4 hours to charge to full capacity.

✅ Multiple Safety Features

Safety is guaranteed using several safety measures that include front and read headlights and rear disk brakes that bring the scooter to a halt in an instant.

✅ Broad, Thick Wheels

No terrain is too rough or too steep for this scooter to ride on thanks to its extra-wide 8-inch thick wheels. They perform exceptionally well in wet conditions as well.

Why People Love It

❤ It is strong

❤ It is versatile


👍 It is light and folds easily for portability purposes

👍 The lead-acid battery recharges quickly and lasts for up to 40 minutes

👍 It features several safety measures to keep riders safe

👍 It has a range of up to 18 miles on a single charge


👎 The lead-acid battery is not good for the environment

Electric Scooter for Kids Buying Guide – Factors to Consider

With so many electric scooters in the market, picking out the right one for your kids can be quite a hassle. It will, however, be easier if you know what to look for. Here are some factors to consider before buying an electric scooter:

♡ Speed

Some high-end electric scooters can deliver top speeds of over 30 miles per hour. Kids, however, do not need that much.

The speed of your kid’s electric scooter should match his/her age. Kids aged 12-years-old and below should not ride scooters faster than 10 miles per hour; any speeds higher than this will be hard for them to control, especially when turning, and may increase chances of accidents. Older kids and teenagers, however, can manage speeds of up to 15MPH or more as long as they can handle it.

♡ Range/Running Time

Kids can spend hours on their scooters, so you will need to get one that can hold out for as long as possible. The average electric scooter for kids runs for about 40 minutes on a single charge, and this is often not enough.

A scooter’s running time depends entirely on its battery’s capacity. The most powerful electric scooter batteries are acid-based. However, they are considered unsafe for the environment, which bets the purpose of an electric scooter. Lithium-ion batteries can retain just as much power, but they take longer to charge.

♡ Charging Duration

If you have dealt with a scooter-crazed kid before, you know that the time spend recharging is the most contentious. Kids just aren’t patient enough to wait for hours until they can ride again. This is why both of you will be better off with a fast-charging battery.

The average e-scooter battery takes about 4-5 hours to charge to full capacity. However, some kids’ scooters’ batteries can take as long as 12 hours to charge. Make sure to check the recommended charging duration.

♡ Motor

Electric scooters should be quiet; you will appreciate this if your kid decides to ride in the house. This is why you should avoid chain-driven motors especially if they are not labeled ‘ultra-quiet’.

♡ Braking System

Nothing is as important as your kid’s safety. Limiting top speeds is not sufficient. You need an efficient braking system.

The electric braking system is the most common. However, it is not very effective when riding at high speeds. Disc brakes are the most efficient, but they require occasional maintenance and should be replaced from time to time. Alternatively, your kid should learn to brake by standing on the scooter’s rear mud guard.

♡ Comfort

The scooter will not be fun for your kids if it is not comfortable. The deck board should be large enough to comfortably stand on, and young kids should get a scooter with an adjustable chair. The scooter should also feature thick wheels and a suspension system to absorb shock when riding on rough terrain.

♡ Warranty

With the influx of electric scooters you cannot afford to take chances. You will need some assurance in case the scooter develops complications. As such, ensure that the electric scooter you choose comes with a warranty or money-back guarantee.

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