How to select the Right Adult Electric Scooter

Recently, I acquired a Glion Dolly Foldable Electric Scooter. Prior, to my purchase, I had done extensive research on the best adult scooter available in the market. To my surprise, there are hundreds of brands of scooters all claiming to be worthwhile.

However, most of the brands don’t have valuable features that will make your ride comfortable. This article gives a list of essential features that you need to consider before making your decision. Here are tips to checkout before buying an adult electric scooter:

i. Safety

An adult scooter may never reach speeds of 100 mph. Nonetheless, even speed of 80 mph can be dangerous for a person riding a scooter without considering safety. You can check on how to ride a scooter safely. Thus, your safety as you ride your motor is of essential importance. Here are things to look out to determine the safety of an electric scooter.

ii. Brakes

Scooters have diverse forms of brakes such as V-brakes, band brakes, caliper brakes, regenerative brakes, and disc brakes. It is important that you buy a scooter with the same braking power as its speed. The brakes should ensure that they can stop the electric scooter even at emergency situation so as to save your life.

For maximum safety, I would suggest that you select an electric scooter fitted with hydraulic disc brakes. Disc brakes offer strong braking power in both dry and wet conditions making them reliable any time. Also, mechanic disc brakes will get the job done. Other preference includes band, drum, and V-brakes.

iii. Weight Limit

Another way to enhance your safety is to observe the weight limit. If a manufacturer notes that the weight limit of the motor is 250 pounds, it means exactly that. A person weighing 300 pounds can stand on it but trying to ride it is a disaster. Also, your braking system will be overburdened resulting in an accident. Thus, read the manufacturer weight restriction and respect it.

iv. Lights

Probably, you would find yourself riding on the dark. It is important that you increase you visibility on the road by finding an electric scooter that has a bright LED headlight and brake light. Here are several solutions that would help increase safety.

Ensure your scooter has headlight integrated on the handlebar, standing deck, above the front fender, or the vertical handlebar tube. Also, the scooter can have rear light on the rear fender or in the deck. Such lights help to increase your visibility while riding on the dark.

v. Portability

Are you looking for an electric scooter for commuting to work or school? If yes, the aspect of portability is of great significance. For this kind of activity, you should not think of buying off-road scooter beasts that has big tires and sturdy construction. Consider purchasing an electric scooter that is light and has a fast folding structure.

A portable and easy to fold motor makes it superfast to fold it when entering a train or building. Also, it occupies little space and you can store it in the office, car, and apartment. I hope you’ll consider this feature as you shop for your scooter.

vi. Performance

The performance of the electric scooter is essential. How fast your motor can go is of significant importance. To determine the performance of your scooter you need to consider features such as power, battery, range, and speed.

vii. Power

As you buy a scooter, you need to consider the kind of riding that you will require. Will you be riding your scooter to work through a crowded city? You don’t require too much power for such situation. However, if you want to use your scooter for climbing hills or off-road fun, then you need a powerful one with 1000 Watts or so. Also, you need to select a chain driven motor to achieve a higher torque.

viii. Speed

Scooters came with varied speeds and you need to buy a scooter that can assist to serve your need. Mostly, scooters will have speeds from 8 mph to 55 mph. Here is a list that will assist you to make your selection:

Electric scooters for kids or beginners choose 8mph

For teenagers and more experienced kids select 10-15 mph

For adults, a 15-20 mph will work perfectly

For adults who want to engage in outdoor activities or travel for longer distance, choose 20-50 mph

Thus, the optimum scooter speed is 15-20 mph as long as you’re not looking to race with friends off-road or travel longer distances. It is essential that you sit down and explore what every adult scooter offers before making a choice.

ix. Range

You’ll notice that different manufacturers claim that their scooters can offer you a ride for about 50 minutes. Some will assure you 50 miles of uninterrupted ride. I’m not saying that the promise is a lie either is it true. The best way to achieve your range is to select one that is slightly higher range than you require.

x. Battery Life

Yes, you will save on cost as a scooter doesn’t use gas or petrol to run. It runs on battery charged using electricity. Therefore, you require a serious battery to help your scooter to run effectively. I would suggest that you select a lithium-ion battery if you want to use the electric scooter daily. Always ensure that you take care of your electric scooter battery by charging it appropriately.

xi. Price

Each rider has a rough budget in his mind when it comes to purchasing a scooter. If you know how to select a good scooter, you will get a good one at fairly cheap price. Thus, you can check on your budget and examine what you can buy with your budget.

xii. Warranty

The aspect of a warranty id often ignored while buying an electric scooter. However, I would advice that whether you’re buying an electric scooter under $300 or over $2,000, a warranty is a good thing. It ensures that when your scooter breaks down, you won’t be required to pay the repair bill.

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