How to Ride an Electric Scooter Safely

Are electric scooters safe?

The truth is that riding electric scooter can be dangerous especially if you don’t observe the required rules. It is important that you learn how to ride an electric scooter safely. This article will offer you essential tips so as to make riding effective and avoid treacherous situations. Also, you will need to learn on laws of riding best electric scooters that will help you and your kids to stay safe.

14 Rules for Riding Electric Scooter

1. Wear Protective Gear like a helmet

The first tip to protect yourself and stay safe is by wearing a defensive gear. In fact, never ride on your scooter without a helmet. A minimum gear you should have is a helmet even if it means wearing a bike helmet. Also, a helmet helps to protect you from harmful UV rays. In winter, the helmet will keep your head warm.

2. Ride Slow

One of the most essential tips is to ride gradually in order to evade any danger ahead. Ensure that you keep a low speed when near cars, crowded area, or pedestrians. The speed of 20 km per hour or 12 miles per hour is considered good for city riding.

Riding fast or accelerating too fast is a cause of numerous electric scooters. They’re powerful and they can offer a lot of torque. Also, the accident can occur at low speeds so that they’re not perilous if you wear a helmet.

3. Brake in Time

In case, you see an impending obstacle, brake in time and not last time. The tip is priceless on a rainy day as the brakes are not so effective on wet ground.

Also, ensure that you buy electric scooters with effective braking system. There are various multiple braking structures such as disk and electromagnetic brakes. The most preferred brakes are the disk brakes due to their efficiency. Also, as you buy your kids electric scooter, ensure it has a solid braking safety.

4. Takes Turns Slowly

Corners can be dangerous as you may never know what’s around the corner. It is not a good idea to take sharp turns even if you know what lies there. Taking turns at high speed can make you lose your balance and fall. The best way is to maintain slow speed when taking turns and avoid accelerating or braking in the middle of the turn as you may lose control.

Note: Brake way ahead of a turn and only accelerate once you’re in a straight road again

5. Avoid Riding on Busy Roads

It is important to avoid riding on rush hours and busy roads. The more there are cars, the more dangerous you put yourself. Always select a road that is less crowded to enjoy you ride. Moreover, ensure that you ride on the appropriate side of the road and follow traffic lights and rules.

6. Keep your scooter in shape

Just like a car or motorcycle would require maintenance, it is necessary that you keep your scooter in good shape. Ensure that your electric scooter for adults is well maintained and change any part that is defective. Follow these checks every month:

  • Grease and oil parts that are specified in the consumer manual
  • Verify screws to ensure that they’re properly tightened
  • If you’ve air wheels, you need to check on the tire pressure. The tire pressure is essential for safety as the brakes works easily when they’re properly inflated.
  • Ensure that you lock the electric scooter in its correct positioning after you unfold it

7. Avoid Riding on Bad Weather

There are terrains that can make riding dangerous. Some weather like torrential rain, deep snow, and freezing rain can damage your scooter. If it is possible, avoid riding on bad weather as brakes may fail to function well and cause injuries. In case you’ve to ride on bad weather, ensure you wear protective gear, maintain slow speed, brake in time, and take turns very slowly.

8. Defensive Riding

Riding defensively means that you pay close thought to the traffic and other road users. It is vital to apply defensive riding because, unlike in a vehicle, there is nothing that would protect you. Of course, you may be wearing a helmet but the rest of the body is exposed. Thus, you should always concentrate on the roads and avoid any form of distractions such as wearing headphones.

9. Have Lights when Riding at Night

Most scooters have a back and front light but you need extra reflective gear such as reflective vest and reflectors when riding at night. There are times that you may leave work at night and you’re forced to use your electric scooter for commuting. Ensure that you’re visible at night to avoid any form of accidents.

10. Use your Horn

Any time you approach or see cars or pedestrians approaching you, ensure that you’re defensive and utilize your horn/bell to avoid any dangerous circumstances. If by any chance you don’t have one by default, I strongly advise that you mount an aftermarket one.

11. Maintain the Right Position while Riding

There are chances that you may run to YouTube to watch tricks people do while riding a scooter. Most of the stunts are done under a controlled environment. We strongly recommend that you don’t try any stunt like taking sharp corners at high speed as they can leave you dead or injured. Try to keep a straight and normal position while riding. Also, avoid riding with one hand as you can easily lose your balance.

12. Get a Mirror

It is hard to find electric scooters with mirrors. Most electric scooters don’t come with a mirror. The rider must realize that a mirror is an important component as it helps you to check of any approaching vehicle or bike. Turning your head to check behind can be dangerous as you can lose balance or ignore an obstacle that is in front only to cause an accident. Therefore, get a mirror fixed in your scooter to enjoy a stress free ride.

13. Never Ride under influence

You’re drunk and you want to ride on the scooter? No, please. Never ride while under the influence of alcohol or any other substance that impairs your ability to reason well.

14. One Person Only

The electric scooters are only designed for a single person use only. If the manufacturer’s advices that you ride alone on the scooter, you should avoid bypassing the information. The risk is very high when you’re riding with another person and it is dangerous for both of you.


Riding electric scooters is safe if the riders observe the safety measures. Ensure that you ride on the scooter when you’re well protected. If you follow the 14 tips offered in this article, you’re likely to reach your destination without any accident.

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