How to Ride an Electric Scooter: A Guide for Beginners

Perhaps you’ve used a manual scooter when you were a kid and you want to try out riding an electric scooter. Or maybe you’re going to ride an electric scooter for the first time. Whatever the case, you need to enjoy all the benefits of electric scooters that come with owning an electric scooter.

Before you hit the road, you must understand that riding a scooter can be challenging and risky task especially when you don’t follow the traffic rules that facilitate a smooth ride. Each of the scooters has its own precaution and safety tips to guarantee your safety. The scooters will come in variety of sizes and shapes designed for different skill levels. No matter the skill level, you need to practice well and ensure that you follow the safety tips to avoid accidents. Here is an article we wrote on how to ride an electric scooter safety.

This article assists you to know how to ride an electric scooter. So, let’s explore how you can ride one of those powerful models of electric scooter like a pro.

Getting Started: How to Ride a Scooter

How does an electric scooters work? We’ve heard people ask how hard is it to ride an electric scooter or are electric scooters easy to ride. Just like a bike, riding an electric scooter for commuting can take someone getting used to.

If you’re a beginner you need to find a safe place for you to practice. Ensure that the place you use for practicing has little or no traffic. Back roads and parking lots are both great options for you to practice your skills.

Until you’re confident in your riding skills, you should avoid bike paths or lanes. Basically, avoid any form of uneven terrain.

Step by Step Guide on How to Ride Electric Scooter

Step 1: Start by placing your scooter’s wheels on the ground, if possible on a flat ground.

Step 2: Unlock the scooter by pressing the switch or key. There are those electric scooters without any locking feature.

Step 3: Ensure that your kickstand has not popped out. Most individuals overlook it when they’re new riders.

Step 4: Turn on the scooter by pressing the button on. There are those advanced scooters that have a LED display that assist you to observe the hub of all things going on with you ride. It will also assist you to know the distance that you need to cover and other useful data.

Step 5: To make the scooter to move, you will need to observe the following two things: the throttle and the hand brakes. In most circumstances, the breaks are exceedingly sensitive and should only be used for emergency stops and tuning tight corners.

Try not to hit the accelerator very swiftly as you might end up flying off or fall in an accident. At the start, you need to be gentle at the beginning. Also, check for the foot brakes. The foot brakes are only for casual stop or steadily slowing down at any speed.

Step 6: Next move on to the throttle that is usually located on the right side of your handlebars for majority of the scooters. This will move you to your destination.

Step 7: Ensure that you switch off your kids electric scooter and yours when you reach your destination.

Step 8: Put on the essential safety apparel and gears.

How to Avoid Accidents

  • Ride your electric scooter alone as they’re mostly made to handle the weight of a single person. So, ensure that you ride your scooter alone to avoid causing accidents that can harm you and your friend.
  • Don’t try to perform tricks and stunts that you seen on YouTube.
  • Don’t allow your friends to push you from the back when riding as they can cause you to lose control and fall
  • Always follow the traffic rules of your locality
  • Wear safety gears such as helmets
  • Avoid riding on rainy seasons or bad weather such as the roads can become slippery making you to fall.

Check the Condition of your Scooter

  • Check the conditions of the tires before you hit the road
  • Ensure that your screen is clear all the time if your electric scooter comes with the feature
  • Stay focused on the road

Check your Brakes

  • Utilize your rear brakes to ensure you keep steady motion while you’re riding. The front brake should only be used in emergency. Avoid using the front brakes as they might slip on the roads.
  • Also, apply the brakes gently. Applying the brakes with full pressure might make you to fall.

Stay Calm and Relaxed

  • Stay calm while on the road
  • Maintain average speed during rainy season
  • Try to clean your scooter before you take a ride
  • Always wear safety gears

Electric Scooter Charging

Before you go to the road, ensure that your electric scooter is fully charged. For better charging, you can read the user’s manual. Also, you can check on an article we wrote on how to charge your electric scooter.

Practice with a Partner

It is not hard to locate a friend who has been riding their scooter. This is the time to hit them up and ask for pointers in order to be safe. Also, you can ask them to practice with you so that you learn the basics.

Pace Yourself

As you try out your first ride, you will be surprised at the easiness of balancing when you’re moving. However, as you increase the speed, balancing can be hard as it takes a lot more practice.

In the Result of an Accident

Even pro scooter rider can fall from time to time. In case you find yourself in that situation and you’re about to fall, don’t panic. However, don’t attempt to grab the throttle as this will result from the situation moving from bad to worse. Instead, you should just let go everything and jump away from the electric scooter. Don’t try to shield your scooter and shun from the danger.

Final Thought

As you’ve read, riding a scooter isn’t a complicated affair. You’ll need to learn on balancing yourself and ensure you understand the preferred electric scooter riding tips. Riding on the new scooter can be fun and fulfilling. Always remember to go slow in the beginning and exercise patience. Also, continue to practice in back streets and parking lots until you feel confident enough to ride around roads and areas with huge traffic and more pedestrians.