How to make your electric scooter go faster

Today, electric scooters are becoming more and more popular across the world. The main reason for their popularity is due to their low maintenance and ease of use compared to other alternative methods of transportation. Also, the fact that you will not use gas to propel the motors makes them an ideal mode of transport. Majority of the adult electric scooter are lightweight and comfy such that you can easily carry it on the lift, in a public bus, or even on the stairs.

Nonetheless, there is something that various users have been asking about the top speed of an electric scooter. Some people wish that we talk about how to make an electric scooter faster and this is what we are going to discuss on this article.

What is the Top Speed of an Electric Scooter?

How can I make my mobility scooter go faster? Before we talk about average and top speeds of an electric scooter, it is vital to point out several things.

First, you need to understand that electric scooters weren’t created to be fast. The main reason that they were created is to offer an affordable means of commuting, more comparable to a bicycle than a motorcycle. The best electric scooter for commuting is an ideal means of transport in cities and urban centers where speed is not a priority.

Let’s now talk about the top speed of an electric scooter

The top speed for motorized scooters depends on the model of the producer. There are different brands that address various audiences where each of the models is aimed towards satisfying the needs of a certain niche.

Average Speeds

How fast do scooters go?

A good average range of an electric scooter is around 15-20 mph. It is faster than a person walking or cycling a bike. For kid’s electric scooters, they’ll need one that is around 10-15 mph for safety purposes.

Nonetheless, you will still find some electric scooters that can actually reach a top speed of 40 mph. Such speed is more than double the speed of an average cyclist making electric scooters preferred mode of transport in the society. The 40 mph scooter can cost around $2,000 to $4,000 while you can get a 15 mph electric scooter for under $300.

Tricks to Make Your Electric Scooter Go Faster

Despite the aforementioned top speeds, you may still not get enough. Some people like me who are adrenaline junkies love any kind of excitement that involves driving fast. Others may want to increase the speeds so as to reach their destination on time.

For this reason, the voices of those who want more speed must be listened so as to ensure that they get the most out of their motors. Here are a few tested tricks that can make your electric scooter faster.

i. Removing Speed Limiter

Electric scooter speed limiter removal is one of the most ideal ways of making your electric scooter fast than their normal capability. There are cities and even countries that have laws that limit the top speed of an electric scooter making manufacturers to insert speed limiters.

The method of removing a speed limiter is dependent on the model of the scooter. Nonetheless, you should note that removing your speed limiter will surely drain your battery faster.

ii. Surge in Battery Power

The amount of power going through the electric scooter determines how fast it moves. By surging the voltage of your scooter, the motor will work faster. The increase in battery power can simply mean replacing your battery with one with more power that can result to your scooter moving faster. Nonetheless, you should be careful as doing so can simply break your electric scooter.

iii. Adding an Additional Battery

Another method of adding more power is just adding another battery. The truth is that the two batteries may not double the speed of your electric scooter, but it is capable to ensure a maximum speed for a longer period of time. Thus, if you eradicate the speed limiter, you can absolutely see the alteration in speed.

iv. Changing Sprockets

The sprockets are cheap and they’re quiet east to work with. It is important to replace your rear sprockets with shorter ones and your front with longer ones so as to gain a couple additional miles per hour. However, I don’t think the change is worth for a couple additional miles per hour.

v. Rewinding the Motor

It is possible that you can increase the speed of your motor if you rewind the coils for a brushed motor so that you lessen the number of windings that occur per coil. This will result in less torque and more revolutions per minute.

Nonetheless, you need to be extremely careful with this one, as this is a superior modification with treacherous implications for your vehicle and motor. Always ensure that everything works flawlessly so as not to damage your scooter or risk your life.

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it safe to remove the speed limiter?

A speed limiter is indeed the retribution of driving quickly and was therefore installed for a specific reason.

Safety is the objective of installing a speed limiter before any other factor. Also, there are traffic laws that guide the traffic rules and the speed limits for all types of motors in some nations.

You should understand that as much as the speed limiter can deter your attempts at reaching your speeds, it was installed there for a perceived necessity. Therefore, it is probably safe to eradicate a speed limiter when you can be able to maintain a logical speed so as not to get problems with the law.

Final Thought

If you got another tip of how to make an electric scooter move faster, then you can leave a text on our contact box.

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