How to charge electric scooter

Charging electric scooter is a job that you must do frequently. It is a job that you must do with proper care if you’re to protect the health of the battery. Don’t worry as this is an easy task if you follow the correct procedures.

The suggested battery charging process varies depending on different manufacturers. Nonetheless, there is no huge variation in the process. The process explained in this article is likely to work with various scooters. The article offers the appropriate guidelines and tips on how to charge an electric scooter battery.

Electric Scooter Charging: Step by Step

Step 1: Ensure that you have the appropriate battery charger and ensure that the voltage key is in the correct position for your scooter.

Step 2: You should plug the charger into the electric power outlet first. The light of the charger should be solid green.

Step 3: Then, you should plug the charger into the charging port in the electric scooter. Ensure that the other side of the cable is correctly plugged in. If it is appropriately plugged in, there should be a red-light indicator.

Step 4: When the charging of the battery is complete, the charger should indicate green again. Afterward, you can unplug the charges from the wall and then the charger port and be ready to go.

Tips on how to charge electric scooter

The aim of any rider is to ensure that he get most out of their scooter. The battery is an essential part of your scooter as it powers it. Therefore, you should ensure that they safeguard the life of their batteries by ensuring that they charge appropriately. Here are tips to help you safeguard the life of your battery and make it work effectively.

  • Charging an adult electric scooter isn’t the same as charging the battery of your phone. Phones manufacturers would recommend that you charge your phone only once when the battery is completely drained. However, the electric scooters should be charged at every chance you get.  It is essential is the scooter you’re using has a short range and you have a long distance to cover.
  • If you got a scooter that takes forever to charge up, you will need to top up the power level whenever you get the opportunity to do so.
  • For long or short trips, charging your battery after every use will assist to keep it healthy as the chemicals are kept active.
  • In order to have maximum utility or get the most out of the battery, ensure you charge it after every ride.
  • Leaving your scooter’s battery when it’s partially charged for some days at a time lowers the power of your battery.
  • If your electric scooter is in storage for some months, ensure that you store it when the battery is fully charged and recharge it once every month.
  • A healthy battery should bounce above their rated voltage level when fully discharged. If it doesn’t bounce back, it can be considered defective or worn out.
  • Always use the exact battery charger given with the specific electric scooter to charge your battery. Using a charger that is not recommended may damage your battery.
  • Never use motorcycle or automotive chargers to charge SLA batteries.
  • If possible, always go for full charging of your battery

How long to charge an electric scooter?

Often, an electric scooter battery will need more time to charge it especially if it is fully drained. To fully charge a battery that is new or drained may need up to 20 hours depending on its make of the scooter. If the battery has lost only a third of its power, it can be recharged in about 3 to 6 hours.

Electric Scooter Charging Problems: Avoid the following while charging

  • Don’t alter the battery charger

Most of the batteries will come with specific designs based on the manufacturer’s preference. There are those battery chargers that are designed so as to recharge SLA batteries. Any charger designed to charge SLA batteries can be used to charge any other kid electric scooter that uses SLA battery. Nonetheless, you need to be careful about Connector, Voltage, Amperage, and the connectors Pin Polarities. If they’re not the same, you should not use one to charge another.

  • Be Cautious with the Voltage

The Automatic SLA battery chargers are made in a manner that cannot permit them to charge a defective battery. If the charger attempts to charge a battery that is defective, it can overheat and melt causing damage to the equipment that are located in the electric scooter itself or the battery. Nonetheless, the SLA batteries tend to bounce back above their rated voltage level within a few minutes.

  • Don’t Use a Quick Rate Battery Charger

It is possible to charge your batteries faster using a charger with a higher Amp rating compared to the original charger. The fast charger can recharge your electric scooter in 2-3 hours. However, the fast chargers can significantly lower its longevity and it is important if you don’t use it.

  • Can we charge your electric scooter at home?

We’ve seen people asking on how to charge electric scooter at home or in their apartment. Others want to know if it is okay to charge them at home. Yes, you can charge your electric scooter at your apartment without issues. There is no specific outlet required for charging your electric scooter.

  • Can you charge electric scooter at the office?

Yes, you can charge your electric scooter at the office and I don’t think your employer will have any problem with it. I actually charge my scooter in the office all the time. A full charge will cost less than $1 in power bills.


+ Ensure that you’ve the correct charger or that which is recommended by the manufacturers.

+ Plug your charger to the electric outlet and it should give a green light

+ Now connect your charger to the battery in the electric scooter and the light will turn red

+ If your battery is at 0 %, you should charge for about 12 hours. If it’s for the first time, ensure you charge it for 14-15 hours

+ Once completed, remove the electric charger from the power outlet 1st and then from your scooter.

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