Electric Scooter vs Skateboard

The major transportation challenge in a city is what is known as the last mile challenge. The last mile of any journey in an urban center is a challenge. Electric scooters and skateboards are greatly being embraced as a legal form of urban transportation. For your kids, you be uncertain and undecided on whether to buy them an electric scooter or skateboard.

In this article, we are going to decide on what is better; Scooter or skateboard?

Quick Summary

Speed: Scooter has more speed

Convenience: Scooter is much easier to carry around compared to a scooter

Ease of learning: It is easier to learn scooter compared to a skateboard

Exercising: Both a scooter and a skateboard can give you a perfect workout

Mastery: It is hard to perform tricks on both a scooter and a skateboard

Safety: A scooter is much safer than a skateboard

Key Differences between a skateboard and a scooter

The fundamental difference between an adult electric scooter and a skateboard is that a scooter has a handle for steering while a skateboard does not. The scooter has two aligned wheels while the skateboard has four wheels. Also, there are scooters with a seat while skateboard don’t have a seat.

Similarity between a scooter and a skateboard

Both the scooter and a skateboard have deck that you stand on while riding.

Scooter vs Skateboard

i. Ease of Riding: Scooter vs Skateboard

It is easier to ride an electric scooter compared to a skateboard. Here are factors that make it easy to ride a scooter compared to a skateboard.

Kick pushing – There are scooters that you kick to gain speed. It is easier to kick a scooter than on a skateboard as you can hold on to the handlebar. While on a skateboard, you have nothing to hang on whilst you push with one leg and balance on the other.

Steering – Making a turn on a scooter is easier compared to a skateboard as all you require is to turn the handlebar a little. While you’re turning a skateboard, you’ll need to press into the rail with your heel or toes and learning backward or forward without having to lose your balance.

Rolling – It is easy to ride a scooter while rolling as it is much stable and you need to only hold on the handlebar. Contrary, this cannot be the case for a skateboard as a new rider can lose balance easily in case of a bump or other unfavorable terrain.

Maneuvering If you’re riding the scooter, maneuvering becomes so easy compared to a skateboard as it enables tight turning even in very little space. In skateboard, you’ll need to be a pro to achieve tight turning without falling.

Stopping – A scooter for commuters comes with a foot and rear break where you can stop the scooter with just the brakes. How to stop your means of transportation is important when you’re examining a scooter vs skateboard commuting. With a skateboard, you need top-notch skills to make it stop especially if you’re at high speed.

For ease of riding: Scooters wins!

ii. Convenience: Skateboard vs Scooter

If you’re planning to buy an electric scooter for kid or a skateboard to school or your own scooter or a skateboard for commuting to work, then a skateboard would be more convenient than an electric scooter. It can be easily carried out in an office or school. However, there are scooters such as Glion Dolly electric scooter which is foldable and easy to transport. But for full convenience, a skateboard is the real deal.

For Convenience: A Skateboard Wins!

iii. Ease of Learning: Electric Scooter vs Electric Skateboard

It is easier to learn on how to ride an electric scooter than skateboarding.  For a beginner, it’s pretty much straight forward to ride a scooter as you grab the handle and you’re good to go. Learning how to skateboard is more challenging and you can easily fall if you don’t take care.

For Ease of Learning: Scooter wins!

iv. Mastery of Tricks: Scooter vs Skateboard

It is hard to learn advanced skateboard and scooter tricks. For instance, it can take about 8 hours to learn on how to properly do a kickplif. Similarly, doing a 360° on an electric scooter can also take a lot of exercise.

For Mastery of Tricks: Skateboard and Electric Equal

v. Which is cooler between a Skateboard and a Scooter?

A skateboard requires high skills for riding on a grinding rail. If you go in the skatepark you will be amused by the people hanging out at the park and enjoying their ride. The easiness of carrying a skateboard is also another important factor to consider. Scooters are also good but I don’t think they would do much the coolness of the skateboard when it comes to performing advanced skills.

Cool Factor: Skateboard Wins!

vi. Which is Safer? Scooter or Skateboard

For safety, scooters win over skateboards and that is the reason parents purchase them for their kids. The scooter has handles that you can hold on to control it while riding unlike the skateboard where you’ve nothing to hold on for support. Thus, it is much risky to fall while on a skateboard than when on the electric scooter.

Also, when you’re rolling faster in a downhill, a skateboard can easily to wobble causing a crash. The scooters are much steady at high speed and it never get shaky as a result of the two-wheel design.

Safety: Scooter Wins!         

vii. Scooter vs Skateboard: Which one offers the best exercise?

Both the two offers a great workout since you continuously to kick it for movement. It is important that you kick it with alternate feet to spread the effort to both sides of your body. For the electric scooter, not much exercise is needed as you don’t have to kickstart it to move.

Most people argue that a skateboard offers you a more entire workout as you will have to keep balance to move. This causes your core ab muscles to get engaged in the activity deeply.  Also, skateboarding typically needs more effort compared to riding a scooter.

Workout: The skateboard wins!

Final Thoughts

If you’re an adult, you can buy the best electric scooters under $300 that would assist you to commute to work and college easily. In fact, it is the most effective commuter device that can assist to solve the last mile challenge. For kids, you can go with skateboard as they’re cool to ride and carry. However, you’ll need to work on your skills so as to ride it effectively.