Electric Scooter Tires: Everything you need to know

How many times do you think about the tires of your electric scooter? Probably, few times than you would think of the battery.

If you’re a rider like me, the first thing you would be concerned about is your battery and if it has enough charge to power you to your place of work or school. However, as much as you don’t think about tires, they’re a vital part of your electric scooter. The tires connect your electric scooter to the ground making your ride either joyful and comfy or stressful and tense.

This article offers you with information on different types of electric scooter tires. The data will help you to select the best tires for your electric scooters.

Different Types of Electric Scooter Tires

The two common types of electric scooter include: solid and pneumatic tires.

a. Pneumatic Tires

The pneumatic tires are the most preferred tires for electric scooters for commuters. They’re air-filled and they’re commonly used in most tires for bicycles, cars, and, motorcycles. The pneumatic tires come in two forms namely tubeless and inner tube.

Benefits of Pneumatic Tires

  1. Better cushioning – The pneumatic tires are better at absorbing bumps in the road as opposed to the solid ones. On some scooters, the tires are the only form of suspension.
  2. Lower Friction – The lower rolling coefficient means that the tires don’t lose a lot of energy as they roll along the ground. It means that you’ll achieve better mileage and top speed.
  3. Better Traction – They’ve better traction meaning that they will have grip on the ground that will help it to stop more swiftly without sliding. Also, they offer better traction on wet ground helping you to ride even on rainy days.

Disadvantages of Pneumatic Tires

Flat Tires – The tires are prone to flat tires as they can easily get a puncture and you will be forced to repair it before you continue with your journey.

b. Solid Tires

The solid tire utilizes a solid polyurethane foam filling fabric to offer structural integrity as opposed to filling it with air pressure. The tires cannot have punctures and it will never go flat like the pneumatic tires.


  • They’re durable
  • Never go flat


  • They don’t absorb pressure well

The Benefits of Air Pressure

  • Avoid Accidents

Ensuring your tires has the correct air pressure in your tires means that the electric scooter will handle the roads and bumps as required, preventing severe accidents. When the air pressure in your electric scooter is too low, turning corners can be dangerous.

  • Saving Money

With the required quantity of air, the tires of the electric scooters won’t wear as swiftly, and they won’t be required to be replaced often. Proper care of your tires can amount to vital savings over the life of your scooter. Also, proper tire pressure helps you to save more money by achieving better mileage on your electric current.

How to Prevent Flat Tires

You’re likely to face flat tires if your scooter has pneumatic tires and you need to know how to fix them with little effort. We offer you with efficient methods that you can use to prevent your scooter from getting flat.

What is the Best Method of Preventing Flats?

  • Tire Pressure

Keep tires at efficient pressure to prevent flats. The under-inflated tires are more flat to get punctured. This our preferred preventative measure since it is essentially free and necessitates little effort.  All you require is a bike pump. We suggest that you get a tire with a built in gauge to ensure you measure the air on your tires.

  • Tire sealant

Tire sealant is a thick green liquid that you inject in the tires to seal a puncture or prevent flats. A little quantity is added to the tire through the valve. If the tire is punctured, evading air will compel the sealant through the small hole. The sealant dries, plugging the hole and avoiding your electric scooter from getting a flat.

  • Tire liners

They’re flexible, rubber material, and heavy plastic that are fixed between the tire and inner tube. The inexpensive tire liners can eradicate flats as you don’t have to remove your tires and the inner tube to install the liners. It is important to place the tire liners after your first flat or if you require replacing the tires nonetheless.

  • Solid Tires

The most straightforward way of avoiding any form of flat tire is by buying solid tires. The solid tires don’t rely on air pressure for their structural integrity.

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