Electric Scooter for Kids Buyers Guide

There is no doubt that the safety of your kid is of supreme importance. Therefore, you need to apply tremendous caution when you’re buying anything for your kid. Whether it’s a scooter or a skateboard, they can pose danger for your kids. As such, you need to ensure that whatever you buy for your kids, matches the threshold of safety. This article offers tips and buyers guide that will help you to select the best scooter for your kid.

What to look for when buying an electric scooter for your kid

i. Speed

Ensure that you buy a scooter that goes beyond 10 mph if your kid is under age 11. A good electric scooter for kids runs at 10-12 mph, but ten mph is recommended for such a kid.

An older kid that feels that they need speed, then you’ll need to buy for them an electric scooter that moves. The maximum you should allow for an older kid is about 15 mph. The speed is enough to satisfy their necessity for excitement.

ii. Brakes

Your kid will need brakes to stop the electric scooters. The electric scooters have high speed and you need to brakes that really work to bring the scooters to a rest. For maximum safety, you need to buy an electric scooter that has reliable braking structure. Disc brakes are preferred as they’re reliable than other types of brakes.

iii. Weight

Weight is an essential factor as you shop for the best scooter for your kid. There are different models of scooters that are compatible with diverse weight ranges. That your kid is 8+ years of age or even older is not a guarantee that he/she can ride any type of scooter. For instance a lightweight kid will get it hard to balance a heavy scooter.

Therefore, you need to ask yourself the following questions. Will the electric scooter that you’re buying able to handle their weight? Will it be too large or too small for your kid? Do they want to stand or want a scooter with a site while riding? The following questions are significant in getting the best electric scooter that your kid will admire for years to come.

iv. Design and Look

Kids are excited by small things like color. Nobody understands what your kid likes better than you. Thus, it is important to always consider picking out a scooter that they like so that they can enjoy riding them.

v. Build

The build of your scooter contributes to the comfy of your child as they enjoy a ride. There are two forms of electric scooters namely sit-down and stand-on. The stand-on is perfect for that kid who is transitioning from a manual scooter. The sit-down scooter offers a seat where your kid can sit down as they ride their electric scooter.

vi. Durability

Just like adult electric scooters, you need to purchase an electric scooter with excellent craftsmanship. The electric scooter for your kid needs to be well-constructed to ensure that they can use them effectively in any terrain. A scooter with high grade frames made of steel is likely to last longer.

vii. Battery Life

There is no beating around the bush on battery life. An electric scooter with poor battery life is going to disappoint your kid big time. A kid will achieve more fun as they continue to ride their scooter. However, if it has poor battery, they will end up not able to use it as much as they wish. Select a scooter with a long battery life. Additionally, you can buy a second battery so that you can charge one while they use one other to experience double the fun. Here is an article on how to charge an electric scooter.

viii. Throttle Start

The hottest models of electric scooters are fitted with a throttle start as opposed to the traditional kick model. When you apply the throttle from a halted location, it will immediately start. The best type of scooter for kids will only engage when it is moving more than 3 mph. Thus, you won’t have to worry about brakes and throttles.

ix. Tires

Many people assume the importance of tires in the overall performance of an electric scooter. Tires are of different types such as pneumatic and solid tires. We recommend that you buy an electric scooter with pneumatic tires as they assist to absorb pressure. Read more on electric scooter tires here.

x. Steering Handle

The steering handle helps your kid to maneuver the electric scooter into the desired direction that you want as a rider. The steering handle is usually attached to the front wheel making the control of the machine easy. The best kids electric scooter have modifiable steering handles that makes it easy to be adjusted according to your child’s arm length and height for easy control.

xi. Plank

The standing platform or plank is fundamentally the same in a manual scooter as the one in an electric scooter. It is important to ensure that the standing platform is longer and wider enough so as to provide room for wider heels and motor. Also, the top scooter for your kids should offer a stable prank for your kid to stand on.

xii. Foldable

Foldable electric scooter is an essential feature for your electric scooter. The kids should be able to fold their electric scooter and carry them away. Electric scooters that are foldable can be great space savers and you can transport them easily. Thus, your kid can be able to carry it to any place and enjoy the ride anywhere you go.

xiii. Price

Pricing is an important aspect when you’re buying an electric scooter. A top brand of electric scooter for your kid will cost around $100 – $300.

Important Aspects to Keep in Mind

  1. Before you allow your kid to use an electric scooter, ensure that they read the owner’s manual completely and they’re able to follow all the necessary safety guidelines given by the manufacturer.
  2. Ensure that your kid is within the weight and age specification of your desired electric scooter
  3. Supervise your child when he/she is riding the scooter particularly if he is a novel rider
  4. Ensure that our kid wear personal protective gears such as helmet every time. Also, ensure that they are wearing suitable shoes. It is important that your kids learn on how to ride an electric scooter safely.
  5. Remind your kid to play safe and avoid performing stunts
  6. Test the brakes before you allow them to use
  7. Don’t permit your kid to use a malfunctioning scooter
  8. Don’t overcharge the scooter and away from any heating equipment and water source


There is no reason why you should not buy your kid an electric scooter if they really want it. It can be a great way to have fun and also help to facilitate movement from one place to the other. If you’re planning to buy an adult electric scooter, the buying guide for adult electric scooter is a great article to read. There are numerous benefits of electric scooters and you need to try riding on one. We hope that this article will assist you to make the best choice of electric scooter for your kids.

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