Razor e300 Electric Scooter Review

Without doubt, Razor offers the best brands of electric scooters on the market today. They’re popular than any other brand of scooters for kids and teenagers seeking to explore the world of scooters. The company offers high-quality products at low price. For kids 8 -12 years of age, we recommend that you buy them the razor e100. For teenagers or kids above the age of 12, this razor e300 is the best option.

Is the razor e300 electric scooter worth your buck? Today, we’re going to review this popular electric scooter and let you know every detail about this amazing product. Afterward, you can be able to make a choice on whether the razor e300 electric scooter motor is worth your buck.

Razor e300 Review

i. Speed

How fast does a razor e300 electric scooter go? There are many parents who will want to know the razor e300 electric scooter speed to determine if it’s safe for their teenage sons or daughters.

The razor e300 electric scooter top speed is 15mph. The speed is fast enough for a teen and they can enjoy cruising along as the wind blowing in their hair. Also, the speed is enough even as they transform to the next life of college. You’ll find most students in college using their electric e300 razor scooter that they had been bought by the parents when they were teenagers.

ii. Deck

The electric e300 razor scooter has a big deck. The super-size deck and frame is ideal for riders 12 years of age and older. Riding on this best electric scooter for commuting is comfortable and you will enjoy the ride while you stand on this incredible motor.

iii. 10-inch Pneumatic Tires

The tires of this razor e300 electric scooter for kids are extra-wide to give you a smooth ride. They measure about 10-inch and have an inner tube that is inflated with air to facilitate movement. This form of tires ensures that the e300 electric scooter can absorb shock from diverse terrains such as off-roads and bumpy roads effectively. Read this article if you want to learn more on popular electric scooter tires on the market

Cheap Razor electric scooter e300 tube and Front Wheel

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Razor e100 Electric Scooter Review

Razor has become a trusted manufacturer of electric scooters for years. Their excellent customer service and superior products have continued to inspire millions of loyal customers. Electric razor e100 scooter is one of their top models that have become the best selling electric scooter for kids globally for years now.

The nifty little electric razor e100 scooter has tons of features that are suitable for kids. I bought one for my daughter when she was 8 years old of age and she is still using it at her teenage. Come to think of it, there is no reason why you should not buy this razor scooter for your kid.

Today, I have decided to write this article to help parents who want to buy this razor e100 electric scooter for kids. Here is a list of features that makes this scooter the most popular brand for ages 8 years and above.

Razor e100 Review

a. Speed

How fast does a razor e100 electric scooter go? Most parents are concerned with the speed of the electric scooter to be used by their kids for safety reasons.

The razor e100 electric scooter speed is a maximum of 10 mph. The razor e100 electric scooter motor engine is fast enough to offer your young kids excitement but not faster enough to make you as a parent nervous. Most parents want to ensure that their kids are safe when playing with their toys. Safety can be achieved by giving them a razor scooter with moderate speed such as razor e100 electric scooters for kids.

b. Rechargeable 24 Volt Battery

The razor e100 electric scooter battery has a long battery life and it can be used for up to 40 minutes of nonstop use. The razor e100 battery will ensure that your kid can kid can enjoy a fulfilling ride every time with this powerful model. Ensure that you charge your battery for a minimum of 12 hours. Read here to learn on the best way to charge an electric scooter battery?

It is important that you use the original razor e100 charger when charging. Check this genuine razor electric scooter battery charger for your razor e100.

c. 8-Inch Pneumatic Tire

This best electric scooter for kids has an 8 inch pneumatic front tire with a smaller polyurethane wheel that facilitates a smoother ride. The air inflated tire has better cushioning that absorbs bumps offering a comfy ride. The razor e100 scooter wheels can help your kid to move even on off-roads and bumpy areas. Read here to understand more on electric scooter tires.

d. Deck

The razor e100 glow electric scooter has a wide deck that can accommodate your kid effectively. The deck is about 8” wide and can carry a weight limit of up to 120lbs.  If your kid weighs above 120lbs, I would recommend that you take a look at the razor e300 electric scooter review that has a wider and bigger deck that would make their cruising easy. The deck is covered with non-skid rubber that ensures that your kid doesn’t fall while riding the razor e100 electric scooter.

e. Accelerator

The e100 razor electric scooter for commuters has a twist grasp accelerator that must be held in place so that it can maintain the desired speed. When you release the accelerator, it stops. If you need a sudden stop, a rider can engage the handbrake. Thus, it is easy to use this cheap razor e100 electric scooter as your child need to accelerate to maximum speed, maintain, and then slow down to zero.

f. Handlebars

The razor e100 electric scooter kids have average handlebars that are used on most razor scooter models. They’re non-adjustable and got good rubber slip-resistant grasp. It has bumpers on the ends of the handles that can protect your kids against accidents in case they become absent-minded while riding and their hands wander.

The throttle of the razor e-100 that is in charge of the speed is situated on the right hand side. You’ll be required to teach your kid to hold the throttle firmly in place, with the grasp remaining tight and steady.

g. Brakes

Just like any other brand of electric scooter by Razor, the razor e100 is stylish and receptive hand operated front brake. The razor electric scooter has a one hand operated front brake that is situated on the left hand site and helps to stop the front tire of the machine.

Pros of Razor e100

  • Battery lasts almost an hour of downhill/uphill riding
  • Large pneumatic tire that makes it easy on rocks and bumps
  • Wide standing deck that makes his feet stays comfortable
  • The razor electric scooter is sturdy and solid
  • The shaft and handlebars can be separated from the body for ease of transportation
  • Fun to ride
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Cheap spare parts available
  • Affordable
  • Kickstart function that lessens the risk of accidental take-offs


  • Not foldable
  • Long charging hours
  • The chain driven motor can come off occasionally
  • Lack a locking system


  • There is an off/on switch on the battery
  • The motor starts to engage when the scooter reaches 3mph
  • The recommended charging time for the scooter is 12-18 hours
  • Without the motor, the scooter is heavy making it useless and cannot be used as a push scooter when the battery dies.

Alternative Product

If your kid is 13 years plus, I would recommend that you buy the Razor e200 electric scooter. It is faster than razor e100 and also it can carry more weight.

Final Thought

My unbiased review on this scooter is that it offers good value for your money. My daughter have used it for close to 5 years and she always recommend it as the best present he has ever received. I have heard people asking for the best price for razor e100 electric scooter. This is among the cheapest electric scooter for kids on the market and you can get it at under $200. It is well-constructed and you’re guaranteed of durability when well used.

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Electric Scooter for Kids Buyers Guide

There is no doubt that the safety of your kid is of supreme importance. Therefore, you need to apply tremendous caution when you’re buying anything for your kid. Whether it’s a scooter or a skateboard, they can pose danger for your kids. As such, you need to ensure that whatever you buy for your kids, matches the threshold of safety. This article offers tips and buyers guide that will help you to select the best scooter for your kid.

What to look for when buying an electric scooter for your kid

i. Speed

Ensure that you buy a scooter that goes beyond 10 mph if your kid is under age 11. A good electric scooter for kids runs at 10-12 mph, but ten mph is recommended for such a kid.

An older kid that feels that they need speed, then you’ll need to buy for them an electric scooter that moves. The maximum you should allow for an older kid is about 15 mph. The speed is enough to satisfy their necessity for excitement.

ii. Brakes

Your kid will need brakes to stop the electric scooters. The electric scooters have high speed and you need to brakes that really work to bring the scooters to a rest. For maximum safety, you need to buy an electric scooter that has reliable braking structure. Disc brakes are preferred as they’re reliable than other types of brakes.

iii. Weight

Weight is an essential factor as you shop for the best scooter for your kid. There are different models of scooters that are compatible with diverse weight ranges. That your kid is 8+ years of age or even older is not a guarantee that he/she can ride any type of scooter. For instance a lightweight kid will get it hard to balance a heavy scooter.

Therefore, you need to ask yourself the following questions. Will the electric scooter that you’re buying able to handle their weight? Will it be too large or too small for your kid? Do they want to stand or want a scooter with a site while riding? The following questions are significant in getting the best electric scooter that your kid will admire for years to come.

iv. Design and Look

Kids are excited by small things like color. Nobody understands what your kid likes better than you. Thus, it is important to always consider picking out a scooter that they like so that they can enjoy riding them.

v. Build

The build of your scooter contributes to the comfy of your child as they enjoy a ride. There are two forms of electric scooters namely sit-down and stand-on. The stand-on is perfect for that kid who is transitioning from a manual scooter. The sit-down scooter offers a seat where your kid can sit down as they ride their electric scooter.

vi. Durability

Just like adult electric scooters, you need to purchase an electric scooter with excellent craftsmanship. The electric scooter for your kid needs to be well-constructed to ensure that they can use them effectively in any terrain. A scooter with high grade frames made of steel is likely to last longer.

vii. Battery Life

There is no beating around the bush on battery life. An electric scooter with poor battery life is going to disappoint your kid big time. A kid will achieve more fun as they continue to ride their scooter. However, if it has poor battery, they will end up not able to use it as much as they wish. Select a scooter with a long battery life. Additionally, you can buy a second battery so that you can charge one while they use one other to experience double the fun. Here is an article on how to charge an electric scooter.

viii. Throttle Start

The hottest models of electric scooters are fitted with a throttle start as opposed to the traditional kick model. When you apply the throttle from a halted location, it will immediately start. The best type of scooter for kids will only engage when it is moving more than 3 mph. Thus, you won’t have to worry about brakes and throttles.

ix. Tires

Many people assume the importance of tires in the overall performance of an electric scooter. Tires are of different types such as pneumatic and solid tires. We recommend that you buy an electric scooter with pneumatic tires as they assist to absorb pressure. Read more on electric scooter tires here.

x. Steering Handle

The steering handle helps your kid to maneuver the electric scooter into the desired direction that you want as a rider. The steering handle is usually attached to the front wheel making the control of the machine easy. The best kids electric scooter have modifiable steering handles that makes it easy to be adjusted according to your child’s arm length and height for easy control.

xi. Plank

The standing platform or plank is fundamentally the same in a manual scooter as the one in an electric scooter. It is important to ensure that the standing platform is longer and wider enough so as to provide room for wider heels and motor. Also, the top scooter for your kids should offer a stable prank for your kid to stand on.

xii. Foldable

Foldable electric scooter is an essential feature for your electric scooter. The kids should be able to fold their electric scooter and carry them away. Electric scooters that are foldable can be great space savers and you can transport them easily. Thus, your kid can be able to carry it to any place and enjoy the ride anywhere you go.

xiii. Price

Pricing is an important aspect when you’re buying an electric scooter. A top brand of electric scooter for your kid will cost around $100 – $300.

Important Aspects to Keep in Mind

  1. Before you allow your kid to use an electric scooter, ensure that they read the owner’s manual completely and they’re able to follow all the necessary safety guidelines given by the manufacturer.
  2. Ensure that your kid is within the weight and age specification of your desired electric scooter
  3. Supervise your child when he/she is riding the scooter particularly if he is a novel rider
  4. Ensure that our kid wear personal protective gears such as helmet every time. Also, ensure that they are wearing suitable shoes. It is important that your kids learn on how to ride an electric scooter safely.
  5. Remind your kid to play safe and avoid performing stunts
  6. Test the brakes before you allow them to use
  7. Don’t permit your kid to use a malfunctioning scooter
  8. Don’t overcharge the scooter and away from any heating equipment and water source


There is no reason why you should not buy your kid an electric scooter if they really want it. It can be a great way to have fun and also help to facilitate movement from one place to the other. If you’re planning to buy an adult electric scooter, the buying guide for adult electric scooter is a great article to read. There are numerous benefits of electric scooters and you need to try riding on one. We hope that this article will assist you to make the best choice of electric scooter for your kids.

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Electric Scooter Tires: Everything you need to know

How many times do you think about the tires of your electric scooter? Probably, few times than you would think of the battery.

If you’re a rider like me, the first thing you would be concerned about is your battery and if it has enough charge to power you to your place of work or school. However, as much as you don’t think about tires, they’re a vital part of your electric scooter. The tires connect your electric scooter to the ground making your ride either joyful and comfy or stressful and tense.

This article offers you with information on different types of electric scooter tires. The data will help you to select the best tires for your electric scooters.

Different Types of Electric Scooter Tires

The two common types of electric scooter include: solid and pneumatic tires.

a. Pneumatic Tires

The pneumatic tires are the most preferred tires for electric scooters for commuters. They’re air-filled and they’re commonly used in most tires for bicycles, cars, and, motorcycles. The pneumatic tires come in two forms namely tubeless and inner tube.

Benefits of Pneumatic Tires

  1. Better cushioning – The pneumatic tires are better at absorbing bumps in the road as opposed to the solid ones. On some scooters, the tires are the only form of suspension.
  2. Lower Friction – The lower rolling coefficient means that the tires don’t lose a lot of energy as they roll along the ground. It means that you’ll achieve better mileage and top speed.
  3. Better Traction – They’ve better traction meaning that they will have grip on the ground that will help it to stop more swiftly without sliding. Also, they offer better traction on wet ground helping you to ride even on rainy days.

Disadvantages of Pneumatic Tires

Flat Tires – The tires are prone to flat tires as they can easily get a puncture and you will be forced to repair it before you continue with your journey.

b. Solid Tires

The solid tire utilizes a solid polyurethane foam filling fabric to offer structural integrity as opposed to filling it with air pressure. The tires cannot have punctures and it will never go flat like the pneumatic tires.


  • They’re durable
  • Never go flat


  • They don’t absorb pressure well

The Benefits of Air Pressure

  • Avoid Accidents

Ensuring your tires has the correct air pressure in your tires means that the electric scooter will handle the roads and bumps as required, preventing severe accidents. When the air pressure in your electric scooter is too low, turning corners can be dangerous.

  • Saving Money

With the required quantity of air, the tires of the electric scooters won’t wear as swiftly, and they won’t be required to be replaced often. Proper care of your tires can amount to vital savings over the life of your scooter. Also, proper tire pressure helps you to save more money by achieving better mileage on your electric current.

How to Prevent Flat Tires

You’re likely to face flat tires if your scooter has pneumatic tires and you need to know how to fix them with little effort. We offer you with efficient methods that you can use to prevent your scooter from getting flat.

What is the Best Method of Preventing Flats?

  • Tire Pressure

Keep tires at efficient pressure to prevent flats. The under-inflated tires are more flat to get punctured. This our preferred preventative measure since it is essentially free and necessitates little effort.  All you require is a bike pump. We suggest that you get a tire with a built in gauge to ensure you measure the air on your tires.

  • Tire sealant

Tire sealant is a thick green liquid that you inject in the tires to seal a puncture or prevent flats. A little quantity is added to the tire through the valve. If the tire is punctured, evading air will compel the sealant through the small hole. The sealant dries, plugging the hole and avoiding your electric scooter from getting a flat.

  • Tire liners

They’re flexible, rubber material, and heavy plastic that are fixed between the tire and inner tube. The inexpensive tire liners can eradicate flats as you don’t have to remove your tires and the inner tube to install the liners. It is important to place the tire liners after your first flat or if you require replacing the tires nonetheless.

  • Solid Tires

The most straightforward way of avoiding any form of flat tire is by buying solid tires. The solid tires don’t rely on air pressure for their structural integrity.

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How to Ride an Electric Scooter: A Guide for Beginners

Perhaps you’ve used a manual scooter when you were a kid and you want to try out riding an electric scooter. Or maybe you’re going to ride an electric scooter for the first time. Whatever the case, you need to enjoy all the benefits of electric scooters that come with owning an electric scooter.

Before you hit the road, you must understand that riding a scooter can be challenging and risky task especially when you don’t follow the traffic rules that facilitate a smooth ride. Each of the scooters has its own precaution and safety tips to guarantee your safety. The scooters will come in variety of sizes and shapes designed for different skill levels. No matter the skill level, you need to practice well and ensure that you follow the safety tips to avoid accidents. Here is an article we wrote on how to ride an electric scooter safety.

This article assists you to know how to ride an electric scooter. So, let’s explore how you can ride one of those powerful models of electric scooter like a pro.

Getting Started: How to Ride a Scooter

How does an electric scooters work? We’ve heard people ask how hard is it to ride an electric scooter or are electric scooters easy to ride. Just like a bike, riding an electric scooter for commuting can take someone getting used to.

If you’re a beginner you need to find a safe place for you to practice. Ensure that the place you use for practicing has little or no traffic. Back roads and parking lots are both great options for you to practice your skills.

Until you’re confident in your riding skills, you should avoid bike paths or lanes. Basically, avoid any form of uneven terrain.

Step by Step Guide on How to Ride Electric Scooter

Step 1: Start by placing your scooter’s wheels on the ground, if possible on a flat ground.

Step 2: Unlock the scooter by pressing the switch or key. There are those electric scooters without any locking feature.

Step 3: Ensure that your kickstand has not popped out. Most individuals overlook it when they’re new riders.

Step 4: Turn on the scooter by pressing the button on. There are those advanced scooters that have a LED display that assist you to observe the hub of all things going on with you ride. It will also assist you to know the distance that you need to cover and other useful data.

Step 5: To make the scooter to move, you will need to observe the following two things: the throttle and the hand brakes. In most circumstances, the breaks are exceedingly sensitive and should only be used for emergency stops and tuning tight corners.

Try not to hit the accelerator very swiftly as you might end up flying off or fall in an accident. At the start, you need to be gentle at the beginning. Also, check for the foot brakes. The foot brakes are only for casual stop or steadily slowing down at any speed.

Step 6: Next move on to the throttle that is usually located on the right side of your handlebars for majority of the scooters. This will move you to your destination.

Step 7: Ensure that you switch off your kids electric scooter and yours when you reach your destination.

Step 8: Put on the essential safety apparel and gears.

How to Avoid Accidents

  • Ride your electric scooter alone as they’re mostly made to handle the weight of a single person. So, ensure that you ride your scooter alone to avoid causing accidents that can harm you and your friend.
  • Don’t try to perform tricks and stunts that you seen on YouTube.
  • Don’t allow your friends to push you from the back when riding as they can cause you to lose control and fall
  • Always follow the traffic rules of your locality
  • Wear safety gears such as helmets
  • Avoid riding on rainy seasons or bad weather such as the roads can become slippery making you to fall.

Check the Condition of your Scooter

  • Check the conditions of the tires before you hit the road
  • Ensure that your screen is clear all the time if your electric scooter comes with the feature
  • Stay focused on the road

Check your Brakes

  • Utilize your rear brakes to ensure you keep steady motion while you’re riding. The front brake should only be used in emergency. Avoid using the front brakes as they might slip on the roads.
  • Also, apply the brakes gently. Applying the brakes with full pressure might make you to fall.

Stay Calm and Relaxed

  • Stay calm while on the road
  • Maintain average speed during rainy season
  • Try to clean your scooter before you take a ride
  • Always wear safety gears

Electric Scooter Charging

Before you go to the road, ensure that your electric scooter is fully charged. For better charging, you can read the user’s manual. Also, you can check on an article we wrote on how to charge your electric scooter.

Practice with a Partner

It is not hard to locate a friend who has been riding their scooter. This is the time to hit them up and ask for pointers in order to be safe. Also, you can ask them to practice with you so that you learn the basics.

Pace Yourself

As you try out your first ride, you will be surprised at the easiness of balancing when you’re moving. However, as you increase the speed, balancing can be hard as it takes a lot more practice.

In the Result of an Accident

Even pro scooter rider can fall from time to time. In case you find yourself in that situation and you’re about to fall, don’t panic. However, don’t attempt to grab the throttle as this will result from the situation moving from bad to worse. Instead, you should just let go everything and jump away from the electric scooter. Don’t try to shield your scooter and shun from the danger.

Final Thought

As you’ve read, riding a scooter isn’t a complicated affair. You’ll need to learn on balancing yourself and ensure you understand the preferred electric scooter riding tips. Riding on the new scooter can be fun and fulfilling. Always remember to go slow in the beginning and exercise patience. Also, continue to practice in back streets and parking lots until you feel confident enough to ride around roads and areas with huge traffic and more pedestrians.

How Far Does An Electric Scooter Go Without Charging?

Electric scooters have become widespread medium of transportation. In fact, its popularity among city commuters has increased as it offers an alternative mode of transport that is cheap to maintain and eco-friendly. The benefits of electric scooters go beyond saving on fuel. Owning one will help to surmount traffic jams. Majority of people are starting to use these e-scooters as their main cars for daily commutes to work or college.

How long does a scooter battery charge last?

Top electric scooters depend on battery charge to run. A full charge may cost less than $1. Also, it is not hard to find a place to charge your scooter. Nonetheless, most people want to know exactly how long do electric scooters last so as to understand how much you can use them between stops. Here is an article on how to charge your electric scooter.

Factors that Impacts the Range you can go without Charging your Electric Scooter

i. Power Output

The power output dictates the distance that you can move before your battery dies completely. The Amp Hours is the straight indicator of the longevity of your battery. We can describe it as the “gas meter” for your tank or the voltage of your battery. Two batteries with same amp hours but one can move 20mph and another 25 mph; the latter will have more range.

ii. Terrain

The situations of the terrain will heavily dictate the work and energy required by a scooter from one point to the other. Driving your scooter in a smooth road will put your car under less pressure and you can move easily than driving on off-road.

iii. Weight

The quantity of weight you subject your electric scooter will also lessen its range. Heavier loads need more power to move resulting in more current being spent and slower speeds.

iv. E-Scooter Situation

A good battery coming from a good manufacturer will have better power and last longer. Thus, go for a reputable electric scooter with proven ability of the battery to last longer.

Other factors that can lessen or increase the range of your scooter entail low tire pressure, chain lubrication, and anything that can surge the quantity of energy your scooter need to spend so as to move.

Essential Tips: How can you Increase the Range of your Scooter?

a. Change the Battery

The obvious step to make your scooter move faster is to change the battery and surge its power. A new battery would increase the functionality of your battery. Nonetheless, you need to beware of the voltage and how much power can represent a shock danger.

b. Modify the Controllers

Having a controller with a higher threshold, you can efficiently surge the output of the scooter. However, you need to pay notice to how powerful your electric scooter ends up being as various speeds can go against various regulations depending on the nation.

c. Drive through Easy Territory

Driving through hard, dirt, and bumpy terrain can drain your battery. If it’s possible, ensure that you have to follow the roads that are flat and smooth to increase the functionality of the battery.

d. Avoid Overloading

Try to limit the weight that you take on your electric commuter scooter. Don’t board your scooter with another person or carry a heavy bag that can overload your scooter.

e. Don’t Change its Speed Often

Don’t suddenly change your scooter speed often. You shouldn’t rapidly increase the speed to maximum when you’ve just started moving. Also, avoid needless and regular braking unless it’s needed in the case of traffic jam.

f. Save its Energy

Whenever you’re no using your adult electric scooter, make sure you turn it off. If you stop at road crossings, traffic signals or attend a call, you should turn it off as it would prevent draining the battery charge.

g. Start your Electric Scooter Steadily

Most scooters, even some electric scooters for kids come with a key start capability. After you turn the key, you don’t need to start it at full acceleration. If you accelerate it faster, you will drain the battery of your scooters.

h. Maintain Appropriate Pressure in Tires

Having proper pressure ensures that your electric scooter runs effectively. An under-inflated tire waste energy as the rolling resistance will surge. Ensure that your pressure in tires is full to conserve energy.

Common Types of Electric Scooters Batteries

Understanding what you need to look for when buying your electric scooter will need you to understand the different types of batteries for your electric scooters.

  • Lead Acid Batteries

The lead acid batteries are popularly used for electric scooters. Generally, electric scoters need four 12-volt batteries with a joint ampere-hour (AH) rating that varies.  The led-acid batteries come in 2 diverse varieties – sealed and wet cell. The sealed lead-acid batteries don’t need any user maintenance. The sealed lead-acid batteries don’t need any user maintenance. The wet cell batteries are the least costly, but also need you to verify and maintain electrolyte and water levels.

  • Lithium Ion Batteries

The batteries are the modern development in the industry. They’re fairly expensive than other types of batteries. The lithium ion batteries are lightest form on the market today.

The merit of lithium ion battery is that it can last about 3-5 years. Thus, you won’t need to replace it as soon as you would if you had traditional batteries.

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How to Ride an Electric Scooter Safely

Are electric scooters safe?

The truth is that riding electric scooter can be dangerous especially if you don’t observe the required rules. It is important that you learn how to ride an electric scooter safely. This article will offer you essential tips so as to make riding effective and avoid treacherous situations. Also, you will need to learn on laws of riding best electric scooters that will help you and your kids to stay safe.

14 Rules for Riding Electric Scooter

1. Wear Protective Gear like a helmet

The first tip to protect yourself and stay safe is by wearing a defensive gear. In fact, never ride on your scooter without a helmet. A minimum gear you should have is a helmet even if it means wearing a bike helmet. Also, a helmet helps to protect you from harmful UV rays. In winter, the helmet will keep your head warm.

2. Ride Slow

One of the most essential tips is to ride gradually in order to evade any danger ahead. Ensure that you keep a low speed when near cars, crowded area, or pedestrians. The speed of 20 km per hour or 12 miles per hour is considered good for city riding.

Riding fast or accelerating too fast is a cause of numerous electric scooters. They’re powerful and they can offer a lot of torque. Also, the accident can occur at low speeds so that they’re not perilous if you wear a helmet.

3. Brake in Time

In case, you see an impending obstacle, brake in time and not last time. The tip is priceless on a rainy day as the brakes are not so effective on wet ground.

Also, ensure that you buy electric scooters with effective braking system. There are various multiple braking structures such as disk and electromagnetic brakes. The most preferred brakes are the disk brakes due to their efficiency. Also, as you buy your kids electric scooter, ensure it has a solid braking safety.

4. Takes Turns Slowly

Corners can be dangerous as you may never know what’s around the corner. It is not a good idea to take sharp turns even if you know what lies there. Taking turns at high speed can make you lose your balance and fall. The best way is to maintain slow speed when taking turns and avoid accelerating or braking in the middle of the turn as you may lose control.

Note: Brake way ahead of a turn and only accelerate once you’re in a straight road again

5. Avoid Riding on Busy Roads

It is important to avoid riding on rush hours and busy roads. The more there are cars, the more dangerous you put yourself. Always select a road that is less crowded to enjoy you ride. Moreover, ensure that you ride on the appropriate side of the road and follow traffic lights and rules.

6. Keep your scooter in shape

Just like a car or motorcycle would require maintenance, it is necessary that you keep your scooter in good shape. Ensure that your electric scooter for adults is well maintained and change any part that is defective. Follow these checks every month:

  • Grease and oil parts that are specified in the consumer manual
  • Verify screws to ensure that they’re properly tightened
  • If you’ve air wheels, you need to check on the tire pressure. The tire pressure is essential for safety as the brakes works easily when they’re properly inflated.
  • Ensure that you lock the electric scooter in its correct positioning after you unfold it

7. Avoid Riding on Bad Weather

There are terrains that can make riding dangerous. Some weather like torrential rain, deep snow, and freezing rain can damage your scooter. If it is possible, avoid riding on bad weather as brakes may fail to function well and cause injuries. In case you’ve to ride on bad weather, ensure you wear protective gear, maintain slow speed, brake in time, and take turns very slowly.

8. Defensive Riding

Riding defensively means that you pay close thought to the traffic and other road users. It is vital to apply defensive riding because, unlike in a vehicle, there is nothing that would protect you. Of course, you may be wearing a helmet but the rest of the body is exposed. Thus, you should always concentrate on the roads and avoid any form of distractions such as wearing headphones.

9. Have Lights when Riding at Night

Most scooters have a back and front light but you need extra reflective gear such as reflective vest and reflectors when riding at night. There are times that you may leave work at night and you’re forced to use your electric scooter for commuting. Ensure that you’re visible at night to avoid any form of accidents.

10. Use your Horn

Any time you approach or see cars or pedestrians approaching you, ensure that you’re defensive and utilize your horn/bell to avoid any dangerous circumstances. If by any chance you don’t have one by default, I strongly advise that you mount an aftermarket one.

11. Maintain the Right Position while Riding

There are chances that you may run to YouTube to watch tricks people do while riding a scooter. Most of the stunts are done under a controlled environment. We strongly recommend that you don’t try any stunt like taking sharp corners at high speed as they can leave you dead or injured. Try to keep a straight and normal position while riding. Also, avoid riding with one hand as you can easily lose your balance.

12. Get a Mirror

It is hard to find electric scooters with mirrors. Most electric scooters don’t come with a mirror. The rider must realize that a mirror is an important component as it helps you to check of any approaching vehicle or bike. Turning your head to check behind can be dangerous as you can lose balance or ignore an obstacle that is in front only to cause an accident. Therefore, get a mirror fixed in your scooter to enjoy a stress free ride.

13. Never Ride under influence

You’re drunk and you want to ride on the scooter? No, please. Never ride while under the influence of alcohol or any other substance that impairs your ability to reason well.

14. One Person Only

The electric scooters are only designed for a single person use only. If the manufacturer’s advices that you ride alone on the scooter, you should avoid bypassing the information. The risk is very high when you’re riding with another person and it is dangerous for both of you.


Riding electric scooters is safe if the riders observe the safety measures. Ensure that you ride on the scooter when you’re well protected. If you follow the 14 tips offered in this article, you’re likely to reach your destination without any accident.

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Are Electric Scooters Safe?

Electric scooters are safe to some extent but not 100% safe. I have heard people claiming that riding an electric scooter is safe but the truth is that nothing is completely safe. You can fall while riding on it and get some injuries. In everything that we do, you will realize that there is an element of risk and the best way to mitigate the risk is to take proper safety measures.

Are Electric Scooters Safe in the Rain?

Riding Electric scooters for commuting in the rain can seem to be fun. However, you need to be cautious if you step out to ride your scooter in the rain. It is risky to ride your scooter in the rain especially if you’re a beginner. The rain can make the roads to be slippery and even spoil the electric system of the scooters that is not waterproof. However, if you’re skilled and used to such terrain, you may try riding electric scooter.

Can Electric Scooter be used manually?

This is an essential question hat get most people confused. Most electric scooters have a battery life of about 40-60 minutes. Thus, there is a probability of running out of battery every now and then. If it’s a dual scooter that has both manual and electric capabilities, you switch it to manual mode and enjoy your ride. Most electric scooters don’t have the manual option and you can only fold and carry it like a kid.

Are Electric Scooters Safe for Kids?

If your kid is old enough to ride a bike, then she/he can ride best electric scooter for kids effectively. The scooters are designed with kids in mind. However, it doesn’t mean that you offer your kids an adult scooter when they’re 8-year-old. Also, ensure that your kid wears protective gears such as helmets when they’re riding on their electric scooters.

Is riding an electric scoter dangerous for a pregnant woman?

I’m not a medic but I would vote against riding a top electric scooter if you’re pregnant. The reason is because you will be putting both you and your kid in danger if you fall off. Consult with your doctor on this one if you insist that you really have to ride while pregnant.

What Causes Scooter-related Injuries?

For most people, the electric scooters are safe as they’re mostly designed with safety in mind. Nonetheless, you need to use them responsibly to avoid injuries. Here are common causes of injuries:

  • Riding the scooter under bad weather situations such as rain and wind
  • Taking another person on your scooter
  • Cruising when you’re exhausted or tired
  • Ignoring traffic rules and not paying attention to other road users
  • Lack of protective gear as you ride
  • Trying dangerous moves
  • Riding at night
  • Riding it on the pavements meant for people who are walking
  • Not keeping your electric scooter well maintained
  • Riding on dangerous terrains

How to avoid injuries while riding electric scooters

The aforementioned risk factors can cause injuries and it only takes a moment of inattention to cause an accident. Sometimes, you may be on the right and another road user behaves carelessly injuring you. Therefore, you need to wear protective gears, learn traffic rules, and practice skills before using it for commuting. Here are detailed tips on how to avoid injuries while riding electric scooters:

i. Wear Protective Gear

As you ride your scooter, ensure that you wear helmets. They’re inexpensive and they come with a variety of sizes. It is possible that you may feel uncomfy wearing your helmet but you will get used to it with time. Own one that fits appropriately on your head and you should fasten it correctly. Also, wear knee pads and elbow pads to protect yourself further.

ii. Take your time

Take time to learn to learn how to operate the scooter. Don’t just jump on by assuming that the electric scooter works the same as a manual scooter. Get used to the brakes and any other extra features that your scooter might have.

iii. Avoid Unnecessary Tricks

There are tricks that you might have seen on YouTube and you may want to replicate that. Always note that the videos are performed by professional in a controlled environment and under tight supervision.

iv. Limit distractions

Keep your eyes on the road and avoid distractions. We suggest that you avoid wearing ear bunds or headphones when riding the electric scooter. If you’re listening to music while you’re riding the scooters, you may not hear emergency cars approaching or when motorist hoot their horn.

v. Don’t drive under influence

Don’t ride your electric scooter after you consume alcohol. Alcohol impairs the normal functioning of the mind and lessens the reaction time. Also, you can get charged for riding on an electric scooter while drunk.

vi. Ride the Right Scooter for your weight and height

Ensure that you wear the correct size of scooter depending on your height and weight. If it is too big, it may give you problems controlling. If it’s too small, you can end up breaking it. Check the maximum weight capacity before purchasing one.

vii. Ride Certified Electric Scooters

The quality of the electric scooter is essential for its overall performance. Ensure that you purchase a scooter that has certified all safety requirements.

Final Thought

We hope that this article answers the question of whether electric scooters are safe. Riding on this electric scooters have various advantages such as overcoming traffic jams. Electric scooters for adults are safe to ride if you exercise the required safety measures such as wearing a helmet. The major challenges brought as a result of riding scooters is due to lack of helmets and other protective Additionally, ensure that you ride slow and break in time when you face any form of obstacle. If you’re a beginner, you should consider riding on roads that have very little traffic.

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Top 5 Best Electric Scooter for Commuting in 2020

Most trains and buses are usually packed during rush hours. There are numerous times you will find yourself either standing or sitting in a crowded public commuter lines all running late for work. If you’ve decided to use your car for urban commute, you may find yourself stuck in traffic jam.

For this reasons, the electric scooters has been invented to solve common transportation challenges. They offer a great way to commute in towns and cities. The best electric scooters for commuting are fast, light, foldable and can travel in tight areas which cars and motorbikes wouldn’t fit.

After reaching your destination, you won’t need to worry about packing space or a place to lock it up as you would do with a bike. Also, you will eliminate fuel cost as the electric scooter is strictly powered by a battery that you charge using electric power.

We’ve compiled a list of top 5 best electric scooters for commuting.

5 Best Electric Scooters for Commuting

1. Best Overall: Glion Dolly Foldable Lightweight Adult Electric Scooter

Glion dolly foldable commuter electric scooter is an ideal choice if you’re looking for the best commuter scooter on the market today. With this, you’ll be assured of a reliable, portable, and energy-efficient electric scooter that helps to conquer traffic jams. It is foldable, and once you reach your place of work or school, you can fold it and place it under your table or in a safe place.

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Key Features

✅ Sturdy Construction

The best electric scooter for city commuting is built to last and it will stand the test of time. It is made of a tough frame that is crafted from 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum. Also, the electric scooter is powdered coated in order to resist corrosion.

✅ 8-Inch Tires

The wide tire of the electric scooter for commuting is an essential feature of this terrific scooter. The 8-inch tires offer enhanced stability on all types of roads such as bumpy and off roads. Glion Dolly tires are made of honeycomb interior that don’t need maintenance. The tires don’t require to be inflated with air neither do they go flat.

✅ Brakes

One factor you need to check while purchasing an electric scooter is the guarantee for safety. The best electric scooter for city commuting has brakes fitted with an anti-lock electronic brake that is situated inside the rear hub motor. The braking is both smooth and secure.

✅ Powerful Battery

The battery cycle life is about 3-5 years with a guarantee of 1000+ cycles. Also, the lithium-ion battery is clean and quiet. It is also economical as it can travel 500 miles on a dollar of electricity. The commuter scooter electric has a top speed of 15 miles per hour and goes for 15 miles when fully charged.

Why People Love It

❤ It is foldable


👍 Moderate speed

👍 Lightweight

👍 Durable


👎 No front and rear lights

2. Cheap Electric Scooters: GOTRAX GXL Commuting Electric Scooter

GOTRAX electric commuter scooter is the best scooter for commuting. The lowest price electric scooter is one of the popular brands that we’ve around. It is affordable and you can get this electric commuter scooter at under $300.

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Key Features

✅ 9-12 miles

The electric scooter for adults cheap can cover 9-12 miles per charge. Thus, after a full charge you can be able to commute for a long distance. It has a 36V battery that recharges in about 3-4 hours.

✅ 15.5 MPH

The best commuting scooters has motor power of 250 WATT and can achieve a top speed of 15.5MPH. The powerful scooter can hold a maximum weight capacity of 220 lbs.

✅Foldable Design

GXL has a portable design with a frame that folds down and locks allowing easy storage. The best folding electric scooter for adults can be stored under your desk at work or take it in the train.

✅ 8.5 Inch Wheel Size

The foldable electric scooter has 8.5 pneumatic tires making it perfect for overcoming bumpy city streets.

✅ Hand Brakes

The ultra portable electric scooter has handbrake with a lock mechanism that makes cruising control easy.

Why People Love it

❤ It is foldable

❤ Has a smart display


👍 Sturdy construction

👍 Quick recharge

👍 Pneumatic tires


👎 A bit heavy

3. Best Beginners Electric Scooter: TOMOLOO Electric Scooter with Foldable Design

Generally, this is an efficient beginner scooter for any person looking to use a scooter for everyday commute to college or place of work. The best electric scooters for commuting adults is easy to use with its advanced LCD digital display in the handle area of this machine.

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Key Features

✅ Motor Power

The electric scooter for commuting has 250 W that accelerated to a top speed up to 15.5 MPH. At full charge, the scooter can travel up to 18.6 miles of a comfortable riding experience. It supports riders up to 220 pounds.

✅ Leather-like Handle

The best electric commuter scooter has a leather-like handle that offers elegance and skin-friendly touch.

✅ Smart Battery Pack

The best urban electric scooter has a smart battery pack. The batteries are made of pure ternary lithium that guarantees quality and safety. Using this battery, you’re guaranteed of 15,000 km of slow decay and enhanced durability.

✅ Anti-lock Braking System

Riding on this scooter offers you safety and reliability. The best beginner scooter for college has a disc braking and a regenerative anti-lock braking structure that is responsive even as a short distance of 4 meters.

✅ Portable Folding Design

The best scooter for commuting to work has a portable folding design for easy storage on the car trunks, home, and under your working desk. It weighs just 28.4 lbs.

Why People Love It

❤ Smart design


👍 Easy to use

👍 It is quiet

👍 Safe and reliable brakes

👍 Portable folding design


👎 Not efficient on off-road

4. Best Electric Scooter for Heavy Adults: QIEWA Q1Hummer Electric Scooter

There are commuters who might be looking for best electric scooter for adults 250 lbs. This electric scooter for heavy adults can hold a maximum load weight of up to 550 lbs. The powerful electric commuter scooter has tons of features that make it an ideal machine for you.

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Key Features

✅ Motor Power

The electric scooter has a motor power of 800 Watts. The power enables the scooter to cover 65 miles on full charge. The best electric scooter for climbing hills can also enable you to conquer 35° incline. The maximum driving speed of this scooter is 37MPH.

✅ Dual Shock Absorber

The shock absorber of this scooter is stronger enough to add to smoother driving. Therefore, you can ride it on off roads without feeling any uneasiness. Also, it has an anti-theft remote key fob for enhanced safety.

✅ Double Disk Brakes

The double disk brakes ensure that you can be capable of having double disk brakes for efficiency. Thus, for stable braking you’ll minimize accidents in cities.

✅ 10 Inches

The pneumatic tire is wide enough to offer you a comfortable ride.

Why People Love It

❤ It’s Power

❤ Efficient on off-road


👍 Faster

👍 Quick folding

👍 Great shock absorber


👎 It’s heavy

5. Best Foldable Electric Scooter for Commuting: Xiaomi Mi Ultra-Lightweight Adult Electric Scooter

Xiaomi Mi is one of the few scooters that have been awarded various prestigious awards for its efficiency. It has been awarded the prestigious Red Dot “Best of the Best” Award and also the, iF design Award. If you’re looking for a lightweight electrical scooter that is foldable, this is the best choice for you.

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Key Features

✅ Long-Range Battery Life

The best electric scooter commuter adults is extremely fast due to its 250W that propels the motor to a top speed of 15.5 MPH. The long range battery life has a maximum travel distance of up to 18.6 miles under certain situations.

✅ Portable Folding Design

The best folding scooter for commuting weighs just 26.9 lbs and can be folded to facilitate hand carry and easy storage when necessary.

✅ Durable Construction

As a commuter, you need a scooter that is well-constructed. This best electric scooter for commuting is made of a sturdy frame of aerospace-grade aluminum that makes it durable. For safety, the motorized scooter for commuting has double braking structure of both eABS regenerative anti-lock braking structure and disc braking that guarantees responsive and efficient braking.

Why People Love It

❤Foldable and lightweight

❤ Sleek design

❤ Its price


👍 Sturdy construction

👍 Double braking structure

👍 Portable


👎 Can’t carry weight past 220 lbs

Are electric scooters ideal for commuting?

Electric scooters are ideal for commuting for the following reasons. The benefits of electric scooters include:

+ They’re eco-friendly compared to vehicles

+Inexpensive compared to cars

+Faster than walking

+Easy to fold, carry, and store

+Fun to ride

+They help to overcome common transportation challenges such as traffic jams

+Cheap to maintain

+Convenient around cities

How long can an electric scooter commute for?

Electric scooters have diverse amounts of range and commuting time before their battery runs out. The range of electric scooters matters depending on their power capability. They range from 8 miles to 60 miles.

There are various electric scooters depending on the distance that you need to cover before the next recharge.

Can I charge electric scooter at work?             

Yes, you can charge your electric scooter for commuting at work. I charge mine every day and my employer has no problem with it as it consumes less power. However, you can consider the total miles you need to cover every day and buy one that fits the bill. You will not need to recharge it at work and save that for when you get to your apartment.

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How to charge electric scooter

Charging electric scooter is a job that you must do frequently. It is a job that you must do with proper care if you’re to protect the health of the battery. Don’t worry as this is an easy task if you follow the correct procedures.

The suggested battery charging process varies depending on different manufacturers. Nonetheless, there is no huge variation in the process. The process explained in this article is likely to work with various scooters. The article offers the appropriate guidelines and tips on how to charge an electric scooter battery.

Electric Scooter Charging: Step by Step

Step 1: Ensure that you have the appropriate battery charger and ensure that the voltage key is in the correct position for your scooter.

Step 2: You should plug the charger into the electric power outlet first. The light of the charger should be solid green.

Step 3: Then, you should plug the charger into the charging port in the electric scooter. Ensure that the other side of the cable is correctly plugged in. If it is appropriately plugged in, there should be a red-light indicator.

Step 4: When the charging of the battery is complete, the charger should indicate green again. Afterward, you can unplug the charges from the wall and then the charger port and be ready to go.

Tips on how to charge electric scooter

The aim of any rider is to ensure that he get most out of their scooter. The battery is an essential part of your scooter as it powers it. Therefore, you should ensure that they safeguard the life of their batteries by ensuring that they charge appropriately. Here are tips to help you safeguard the life of your battery and make it work effectively.

  • Charging an adult electric scooter isn’t the same as charging the battery of your phone. Phones manufacturers would recommend that you charge your phone only once when the battery is completely drained. However, the electric scooters should be charged at every chance you get.  It is essential is the scooter you’re using has a short range and you have a long distance to cover.
  • If you got a scooter that takes forever to charge up, you will need to top up the power level whenever you get the opportunity to do so.
  • For long or short trips, charging your battery after every use will assist to keep it healthy as the chemicals are kept active.
  • In order to have maximum utility or get the most out of the battery, ensure you charge it after every ride.
  • Leaving your scooter’s battery when it’s partially charged for some days at a time lowers the power of your battery.
  • If your electric scooter is in storage for some months, ensure that you store it when the battery is fully charged and recharge it once every month.
  • A healthy battery should bounce above their rated voltage level when fully discharged. If it doesn’t bounce back, it can be considered defective or worn out.
  • Always use the exact battery charger given with the specific electric scooter to charge your battery. Using a charger that is not recommended may damage your battery.
  • Never use motorcycle or automotive chargers to charge SLA batteries.
  • If possible, always go for full charging of your battery

How long to charge an electric scooter?

Often, an electric scooter battery will need more time to charge it especially if it is fully drained. To fully charge a battery that is new or drained may need up to 20 hours depending on its make of the scooter. If the battery has lost only a third of its power, it can be recharged in about 3 to 6 hours.

Electric Scooter Charging Problems: Avoid the following while charging

  • Don’t alter the battery charger

Most of the batteries will come with specific designs based on the manufacturer’s preference. There are those battery chargers that are designed so as to recharge SLA batteries. Any charger designed to charge SLA batteries can be used to charge any other kid electric scooter that uses SLA battery. Nonetheless, you need to be careful about Connector, Voltage, Amperage, and the connectors Pin Polarities. If they’re not the same, you should not use one to charge another.

  • Be Cautious with the Voltage

The Automatic SLA battery chargers are made in a manner that cannot permit them to charge a defective battery. If the charger attempts to charge a battery that is defective, it can overheat and melt causing damage to the equipment that are located in the electric scooter itself or the battery. Nonetheless, the SLA batteries tend to bounce back above their rated voltage level within a few minutes.

  • Don’t Use a Quick Rate Battery Charger

It is possible to charge your batteries faster using a charger with a higher Amp rating compared to the original charger. The fast charger can recharge your electric scooter in 2-3 hours. However, the fast chargers can significantly lower its longevity and it is important if you don’t use it.

  • Can we charge your electric scooter at home?

We’ve seen people asking on how to charge electric scooter at home or in their apartment. Others want to know if it is okay to charge them at home. Yes, you can charge your electric scooter at your apartment without issues. There is no specific outlet required for charging your electric scooter.

  • Can you charge electric scooter at the office?

Yes, you can charge your electric scooter at the office and I don’t think your employer will have any problem with it. I actually charge my scooter in the office all the time. A full charge will cost less than $1 in power bills.


+ Ensure that you’ve the correct charger or that which is recommended by the manufacturers.

+ Plug your charger to the electric outlet and it should give a green light

+ Now connect your charger to the battery in the electric scooter and the light will turn red

+ If your battery is at 0 %, you should charge for about 12 hours. If it’s for the first time, ensure you charge it for 14-15 hours

+ Once completed, remove the electric charger from the power outlet 1st and then from your scooter.

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