Benefits of Electric Scooters

Riding on an electric scooter has distinct benefits without forgetting the fun involved. First of all, you need to recognize that electric scooters are not toys but an alternative mode of transport. They’re means of transport to school, work, or leisure activities.  There are models of electric scooters that can reach speeds above 60 km/h while others can climb steep hills with ease.

The popularity of electric scooters in the last few years is as a result of its numerous advantages. They tend to reduce environmental pollution that is causing numerous health problems to individuals living in urban centres. The article offers both the advantages and disadvantages of electric scooters based on an in-depth research and customer reviews.

Pros of Electric Scooters

i. Fuel Savings

Electric scooters offer the best alternate mode of transport as they run on battery. Therefore, the alternative fuel vehicles don’t depend on fuel or gas and this is a cost saving measure.

ii. Lower Maintenance

An electric motor has lower maintenance cost. Unlike a vehicle, the adult electric scooter doesn’t demand you to spend money or time on maintenance duties such as filters and oil changes.

iii. Low Emissions

The electric scooter is environment friendly. The electric scooters are fitted with an ultra-quiet operated motor that guarantees noise-free rides. It has environmental benefits as there is no threat of smoke as the scooter runs with chain.

iv. Increased Reliability

Moving from Point A to Point B fast, the electric scooter will facilitate the movement. There is no wasting time waiting for a taxi or bus when you have an electric scooter. It is easy to just unfold your scooter and you’re ready to cruise.

v. Portability

Most electric scooters are portable and in case it has a challenge with the chain, motor, or tire, it can be carried to the garage where you can be able to fix the issues.

vi. Few License Requirements

When you compare the electric scooters with traditional bikes, you will notice that they’ve limited speed. Thus, there is minimal or no licensing requirements for them. 

vii. Easy to Assemble

The top electric scooters will come with the manufacturer’s manual. They can be easily assembled in less than 10 minutes even by a layman.

viii. Easy to Park

The electric scooters are small in size and have a compact design. Thus, they occupy little space in the parking. Alternatively, you can fold it and carry with you.

ix. Cost

Comparing with other means of transport, the cost of an electric scooter is within the reach of most users. You can find a good electric scooter for under $300. Unlike purchasing a motorcycle or a car, the scooter can be bought at an affordable price.

x. Time Savings

Time is an issue in the busy cities and you definitely need to save a lot of it on the road. The scooters can access anywhere and you can easily take short cut through a shopping mall or a subway. With an electric scooter, you will save time that you would have otherwise spent in gas stations, parking lots, and heavy traffics.

xi. Fun and Enjoyment

Scooters are used by both the kids and adults for fun and enjoyment. Kids over 10 years would like to have fun and come back home safely. The electric scooters for kids ensure that you can enjoy that your kids can enjoy a ride during a holiday or weekend.

xii. Exercise

Riding on an electric scooter has great health benefits as it offers a cool way of exercising. There are people who think that electric scooters don’t in any way require any physical exercise – which is untrue. In fact, you need to realize that riding on an electric scooter is intense than other common forms of transportation. The legs will absorb shocks while the arms aid to stabilize the scooter. While standing, the back and core muscles are engaged and this offers you a full body workout that enhances natural fitness.

xiii. Helps to Create New Friends

The electric scooters help to open up new social circles. As you ride on your electric scooter, you will meet people with shared interest. It is always a fun experience to find people you can explore these new options for transportation.

Disadvantages of electric scooter

Like everything in this world, an electric scooter has its own demerits. They’re not very big problems but it is vital if you know about each one of them:

i. Low Speed

There are those brands of electric scooters that have low speed. However, they are not common to all electric scooters. The electric scooter has smaller wheels than the traditional motorcycle that can affect the cruising speed.

ii. Charging Time

The electric scooter doesn’t use fuel like a vehicle. It has a battery that you will need to charge from time to time. The charging time of the battery takes more time compared to refueling.


The scooter benefits are numerous compared to their disadvantages. The numerous advantages of riding on an electric scooter make both the old and the young to find enjoyment and fun while using the scooters. Their small size and capacity to be stored in tiny space makes them suited for urban use. Also, if you’re a person who loves the environment, this is an efficient mode of transport for you to use as it is environment friendly.  

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