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Moped Vs. Scooters

Often, people confuse scooters and moped. Both scooters and moped are two-wheeled motors that assist commuters to get around short distances or what is commonly referred to as Last Mile”.

Scooters and Moped are cheap to buy, easy to use with less maintenance cost. Before you make a choice of whether to buy an electric scooter or moped, you need to understand the differences between the motors. Here’s all you need to know:

Details Moped Scooter
Definition Originally, the two-wheeler was identical to a bike, with a motor that would help in pedaling. Presently, the term is normally linked to same motor but without pedals.   Scooters are also two wheelers that people step through a platform or frame to rest your feet.  
Engine Fairly small Fairly big
Power Capacity Less than 50 cc 50 cc to 100 cc
Maximum Speed 30-35 Miles Per Hr 50-90 Miles Per Hour
Pedals With or without Without
Permission No Yes
Frame Designed like a motorbike Have a step-through platform and frame for the operator’s feet

What is the difference between moped and scooter?

What is a Moped?

A moped is a type of bicycle that is equipped with a low-powered motor and pedals. The moped offers economical mode of commuting from work. The main difference of a moped with an electric scooter is the pedals that the rider uses to move from one point to the other.

Mostly, a two-wheeled car with an engine displacement lower than 49 cubic centimeters is referred to as moped. Here are essential features of a Moped:

  • Has a pedal
  • Small engine; usually 50cc
  • Normally kick start
  • Lighter (weigh around 50 kg)
  • Frame similar to that of a bicycle
  • It has single or two speed automatic transmission
  • Not foldable
  • Thinner tires and large diameter wheels

What is a scooter?

Scooters have a footrest platform and step-through chassis where a rider can rest their foot while riding. Most electric scooters for commuting have motor-powered engine with displacements that ranges from 50cc to 650cc. They operate on smaller-diameter with 10” wheels and below. Here are essential features of an electric scooter for adults:

  • Step-through frame construction
  • Thicker and smaller tires
  • Some are foldable
  • Engine size up to 650cc
  • It has either a belt or chain to move its tires

Do you need a license for Moped or Scooter?

Do you require a license for a moped or scooter? Perhaps, your state controls the requirements needed. It is necessary that you check local regulations as the regulation may differ. For instance, a moped license age is not similar to a scooter license age. There are states that provide a two-wheeler training course and test skills before allowing a person to ride the motors.

  • In most states, the riders should attain a certain age in order to drive a moped.
  • For any engine over 50cc, a rider should have a regular driver’s permit or license, often with a motorcycle license
  • The license plates and registration prerequisites should be determined by the size of the engine
  • Importantly, you may require an insurance and helmet when riding. Check local and state guidelines on insurance coverage and helmet laws.

What‘s is the difference between scooter and moped insurance?

The only difference between scooter and moped insurance is that mopeds are cheaper to insure as they’re seen to have lower risk. Nonetheless, both mopeds and scooters are cost-effective compared to a full sized motorbike when it comes to paying insurance.

Road Rules

Moped: The moped has slow speeds meaning it is illegal to ride it on highways. The moped is best used for moving around town or on roads that have low speed limits.

Scooters: The scooters can move faster depending on its engine size. Those with bigger engine size and can moves faster can join highway traffic. However, it is best to keep the scooter for short distances. It is not recommended to run the engine at top speed in the highway as there are larger cars that go much faster than you can.


Their emission of moped and scooters is less compared to vehicles using gas. However, if you’re concerned at the emissions, make sure you ask before you buy.