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Do I need a License to Ride an Electric Scooter?

Before you buy an electric scooter, it is vital to understand the restrictions and know what is allowed or not allowed by the laws of the state. Also, you can spare your time and learn on quality electric scooters that you can purchase at a fair price.

In this article, we shall explore on the various aspects of law guiding the riding of an electric scooter. Also, it will answer on the question of whether you require a license or not to ride one. This should offer you with knowledge that you need to be safe while riding an electric scoter on the roads.


In the state of California, scooter riders don’t need to register or have a special license. Also, they don’t need to insure their electric scooters for commuting especially if the speed limit of the scooter doesn’t go beyond 25 mph and is used on bikeways, bicycle paths, or trails.

However, the electric scooter rider MUST possess a regular driver license or learners permit so as to ride one. Additionally, you need to be 16+ years or more to be allowed to ride your scooter.


The state law in Florida commands that an electric scooter rider should possess a valid driver licenses. Also, it is essential that their adult electric scooter are titled and registered.


The best thing about Miami is that there is no requirement of a specific age for you to ride the scooter. You just require a scooters license. However, you need to follow the following restrictions:

  • There is no riding an electric motor on an interstate and if you do, you should ensure that you maintain a speed of less than 40 mph.
  • It is prohibited to ride on those yellow lines that divide lanes. It is essential to keep this in your mind as you’ll be attracted towards passing stopped traffic.

Where can you ride?

  • You can ride on the normal street, but you’ve the responsibility to stay close as possible to the right border of the road.
  • Generally, just attach to the same interchange laws you would with any other normal car


In the state of Missouri, all riders MUST have a Class M motorcycle license or a license so as to ride a motorcycle on its roads. It is essential and obligatory that you register the motorbike with the Missouri Department of Revenue.

However, for an electric scooter, the engine size and cc displacement determines whether or not you require a license. The rule for electric scooters is always in the movement of the engine as it dictates how fast your car can move.

The law in Missouri states that any two and three-wheeled motors with any sort of mechanical transmission, with a cylinder capability less than 50 cubic cm and a highest speed of 30 miles per/hr is classified as a scooter.

Mostly, you will require a license due to the fact that it’s a motor and any motor that is going to comprise part of the traffic and this requires a rider to own a license.

How to get a license for electric scooter?

The place you live determines where you’ll get the license. But, the procedure is almost the same in most instances.

  • There is a requirement that you be of convinced age. In most places, they will require an operator to be 16 years and above.
  • Also, you need to get a learner’s permit or a driver’s license where applicable

In Rhode Island for instance, the type of license is not necessary. However, in places like Wisconsin, there is a requirement that all drivers should have a valid driver’s license in order to operate their electric scooters.

If your scooter’s engine exceeds 50cc, you’ll need to acquire a motorbike license. This requirement is universal. Thus, you need to have this consideration in mind before you purchase an electric scooter.

At what age can you ride an electric scooter?

Different states has diverse requirement when it comes to age. In most cases, the minimum age can be 14 years while some states will require a person to be 16 in order to ride a scooter.

In Europe, a rider should be between 15 and 18 years for them to ride an electric scooter for kids or adult. For United Kingdom, a rider need to be 16 Years and above while in Canada, you should be 18 years and above. If you’re under 18 years in Canada, you’ll be required to have parental consent to get the license.

Is Insurance Required?

Most states would require a rider to have some type of insurance. Therefore, you need to take time and examine whether you need a policy before taking your electric scooter for climbing hills on the road.

Top 5 Best Electric Scooter for Climbing Hills

When do you need the best scooter for hills?

Definitely, if you live in a society with some slopes you’ll need to have a strong electric scooter with sufficient torque and power to get you up the steep hills without slowing down so much. Also, if you have plans of riding your best electric scooter for hills in the slopes to enjoy the gorgeous views, then you will require an electric scooter with capacity to climb the hills.

You’ll find numerous electric scooter models on the market that brag of being the best uphill electric scooter. Nonetheless, most of these models don’t have the required power that you need to conquer different inclinations. Here are 5 high powered electric scooters for climbing hills.

5 Best Electric Scooters for Climbing Hills

1. QIEWA Q1Hummer 800Watts Electric Scooter

What is the best electric scooter for climbing hills money can buy? All factors considered, we believe that Qiewa Q1 hummer is the best overall electric scooter for hills. It is a stellar performer and its superior construction places it on the top of other scooters.

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Key Features

✅ Maximum Climbing Capacity

Qiewa q1hummer electric scooter can conquer 45° incline. An electric scooter with a maximum climbing capacity of 45 degrees is the highest you’ll get on the market. So, if you live in an area with steep hills, this would be the best option for you.

✅ Motor Power

The electric mobility scooter for hills is powered by an engine of 800Watts. It has 26Ah 5C 18650 lithium battery that enables it to cover up to 65 miles in one go at a top speed of 37MPH. The qiewa q1hummer electric scooter can carry up a maximum weight capacity of 550 lbs making it suitable for adults and heavy people.

✅ Sturdy Construction

The electric scooter is well constructed to give you a comfortable ride. It has a dual shock absorber for smooth riding and double disc brakes for safe and stable braking. The scooter comes with a 10” pneumatic tire with great shock absorption and anti-slip treads.

✅ IP65 Waterproof

Most people don’t realize the significance of having a waterproof electric scooter. Nonetheless, this is a great feature particularly during winter period and rainy seasons.

Why people love it

❤ Its power and ability to conquer steep hills


👍 Stable

👍 Sturdy built

👍 Quiet and easy to ride

👍 Waterproof


👎 Not easy to change the tires

2. maxx OUTSTORM Adult Foldable Electric Scooter | Climbing Grade 50°

If you love speed, then you need to select this electric scooter for hill climbing. The electric scooter has a powerful torque that makes climbing a hill an easy task. At first, I wasn’t sure of its capability and thought it’s just another overrated scooter. However, I got to taste the ride at a climbing inclination of 40° when my cousin bought it. The scooter was stable while maintain its power. I wouldn’t hesitate on advising someone to buy it.

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Key Features

✅Top Speeds

The electric scooter hill is able to reach a top speed of up to 56 MPH and it can travel up to 52 miles when on full charge. The adult electric scooter for climbing hills takes 9 hours to recharge making it perfect for city and suburb use due to its eco-friendly features.

✅Improved Drive Control

The best uphill electric scooter boasts of powerful brakes that would stop your scooter during emergency. Also, the electronic brakes are made for slippery and sandy surfaces making it a better choice while climbing hills.

✅Motor Power

The electric scooter for steep hills has a powerful torque due its 3200 watts engine. The engine is strong enough to conquer hills of grades up to 30° with ease. It has a range of  56 to 67 miles and a top speed of 56 MPH.

✅Comfortable and Stylish

You need to feel comfortable when riding your best electric scooter for going up hills. This scooter gives you the comfort that you need. It has a removable seat for a long-distance comfort. The scooter comes with LED highlights and colorful LEDS on its board to make it stylish.

✅Off-Road Use Features

If you love adventures, then you should have this motor for off-road use. It has a high-impact PU suspension and 11 inch off-road tries to improve the shock absorption in bumps and other large impact.

✅ Foldable

Who doesn’t love a foldable electric scooter?

The electric scooter for hills comes in a smart foldable travel design. The quick folding body construction ensures that you can fold it and carry on to an office, class, subway, and any other form of public transport.

Why people love it

❤ It is suitable for both climbing hills and off-road experience


👍 Powerful torque

👍 Strong hydraulic brakes

👍 Has a compass for direction

👍 An optional seat for comfort

👍 Off-road tires


👎 Costly

3. NANROBOT D4+Electric Scooter

Our runner-up pick for best electric scooters for climbing hills is the powerful NANROBOT D4+. The amazing electric scooter has a great motor that will see you climb inclinations of 30 degrees. So, if you’re living in areas with such hills or you love adventures in such areas, then this is the best motor for you.

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Key Features

✅ Maximum Climbing Capacity

What is the maximum climbing capacity for this scooter?

When you’re buying your electric scooter for steep hills, you need to consider its maximum climbing capacity. In fact, this feature is what distinguished an electric scooter for climbing hill and any other ordinary electric scooter for commuting. The nanrobot electric scooter supports a maximum inclination of 30°, which can comfortably cover almost all hilly roads.

✅ Motor Power

The nanrobot d4 has a dual independent 1000w motors that makes it easy for the machine to climb hills easily. Thus you need not to worry as the electric motor is powerful enough to conquer any form of inclination.

✅ Sturdy Construction

Nanrobot scooter is made of a strong aluminum frame that can withstand any form of terrain. It weighs 70 lb and can carry a maximum weight load of 330lbs or 150 kg. The best mobility scooter for steep hills has 10” pneumatic tires and 6 shock absorbers for anti-slip function and great shock absorption capability.

✅ Speed and Range

With the 23.4Ah 52V lithium battery, you’re assured of reaching a top speed of 40 mph with a maximum range of 45 miles. Nanrobot d4+ is among the scooters with high speed with most electric scooters for adult ranging from 15-25 mph.  It has a charge time of 8 –10 hours.

✅ Safe Emergency Braking System

While you’re riding electric mobility scooter for hills, you can be assured of your safety. The motor has an EBS disc brake structure that can brake stably during emergency braking to avoid collision.

✅ Portable Design

The fastest electric scooter hills have detachable seats that offer diverse riding experience. The motor can easily be folded and unfolded in second making it easy for storage and transportation.

Why people love it

❤ High dual 1000W motor power to climb steep hills


👍 High speed

👍 Powerful battery that last long

👍Foldable for easy of storage

👍 Sensitive brakes for increased safety


👎 A little heavy especially for kids

Factors to Consider when Buying Electric Scooters for Hills

Most people are always worried about whether an electric scooter can go up hills. Without doubt, electric scooter can go uphill comfortably. However, you need to know not all scooters have the capacity to climb hills. There are best kick scooter for hills and only those can make it possible to climb hills. Now, how can you tell that an electric scooter has the ability to climb a hill? The following buyer’s guide is essential in selecting the best electric scooters for climbing hills.

i. Climbing Angle

The most essential feature that enables an electric scooter to climb a hill is the climbing angle. The hills are not equal as they contain different gradient. The steeper the hill, the harder it is for a scooter to climb it. Depending on the kind of hills in your locality, you can select a scooter with 10° to 45°. In fact, the strongest electric scooter for climbing hills that I have seen is 45 degrees. The electric scooter with higher climbing angle is expensive but they have stellar performance.

ii. Weight Capacity

It is essential to check the weight capacity of the rider before you buy the best scooter for hills. A heavy rider will likely to make an electric scooter slower. The factor is more evident when riding an electric scooter uphill. Thus, it is advisable to select a scooter whose weight load is much more than the body weight of a rider.

iii. Motor and Battery

An off-road scooter or an electric scooter hill climbing requires additional power to conquer the rough terrain. The best moped for hills needs a powerful motor to provide the energy needed to climb hills. There are scooters that will perform better on a flat surface but they feel week climbing the hills.

Selecting a scooter with a powerful battery for your electric mobility scooter for hills is essential as it would ensure that it moves for long distance. We suggest that you buy an electric scooter that is 500W and above if you want to conquer the steep hills.

iv. Tires

Most people assume the importance of tires on an electric scooter. Tires for electric scooters should have good grip. In case there is less frictional power, it is much harder for the scooter to move uphills. Also, tires that have fewer grips are dangerous to ride the scooter during rainy periods. We suggest that you buy scooters with large wheels and grooved tires to help you move uphill.

v. Suspension

Why are suspensions important for electric scooters?

Technically, when riding on an electric scooter, most of your body weight would be placed on the rear wheel in case there is no suspension. Suspension helps to ensure that the weight of the rider is distributed on the deck and not on the wheel. Also, it helps to absorb shock when riding on off-road or uneven surfaces.

vi. Portability

A portable scooter can ease your lives in the workplace or school. After riding it the scooter to a shopping mall, work office, or school, you may want to carry it. Thus, you require a light scooter that you can easily fold and move on.

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